2018 Changes: New Forum Trophies and Titles!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. I just woke up to 40 alerts, but yay new trophies! I've been waiting for them :p
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  2. Whoa

    Great work, I miss my "Elite" title though, I really quite liked it...
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  3. I have all the forum post ones and I’m a hitchhiker! I actually quite like it. Thanks for all your hard work with this Krysyy!
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  4. Yeah. Thanks for the update! I decided to check the front page because I wondered why I suddenly became Distinguished Member and had a bunch of trophy alerts from overnight.
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  5. Woah, haha!
    I don't know what you mean by "I have all the forum post ones"... but do you get the reference? You've got 42 trophy points!! ;)
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  6. I appreciate not knowing what it is; this is really cool.
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  7. Oops! Distinguished member! I forgot about that! Thanks!
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  8. I couldn't even enjoy being an Elitw member for 24 hours. What impeccable timing... lol. Nice update though!
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  9. I love my 'our cup of tea' trophy, it's so sweet :D
  10. I'm "ESTEEMED" now. And to think someone from smp8 bombarded my alert box with spam...EMC did the spamming for them :p
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  11. That's usually how it goes. Throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks.
    Like pickles.

    Pickle pickle, on the wall
    Will you adhere or will you fall?
    Who sent you sailing through the air
    To splat against the stucco there?

    As a linguistic aside, today I learned the proper meaning of "Venerable." I always just thought it was a synonym for "really old."
  12. This is cool!
    Jeez though lol I log in and have about 13 notifications on just trophies :'D
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  13. 14 most exciting alerts I've gotten all year!
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  14. All so very cool trophies... Thanks!
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  15. Oh my word! :D

    So that's why I just noticed three hundred ("300") Well, it looked like 300 alerts :eek:

    I guess it was more in the likes of 30? Or more.... There was a rather huge number displayed, but the amount of pages is a bit less.

    Oh well, thanks! :)

    Now to try and find any replies people sent me, lol! :D
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  16. Say, sorry for a double post but this is basically another idea...

    Would it be doable (or feasible) to allow members to select their own preferred member description? It's something you see in many Minecraft fora and it can be fun sometimes. So if you won a specific description and you liked the previous one better then simply select it from a list and continue to use that.

    Maybe something to consider and/or keep in mind?
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  17. I don't mind getting 8 alerts.
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  18. I like the thought, but I'm not a fan of it in practice. It gets rather confusing, and forum titles don't tell as much anymore when you can select a previous title, if you want.
  19. 25 alerts in one go. That was fun
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  20. We've discussed this in the past, but it removes a key aspect of scale. Therefore, we've decided not to pursue it at this time.