Player Based Difficulty Released! "Play Your Way"

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  1. Hello everyone!

    We asked for your feedback, and one thing was clear that not everyone enjoys the custom Survival experience EMC provides.

    So, as we promised on the feedback thread and announced here, We are adding a way for players to choose their own difficulty level!

    This is a ground breaking update to the world of Minecraft, as no other server has a setting this in depth in changing the mechanics of the survival element.

    This has been a massive change, completely re-designing the survival aspect of minecraft, with lots of code change and re-factoring of our custom item drop system too.

    Everything now will behave on a scale of 1 to 10, damage done, damage received, strength of effects, chances of loot, quantity of loot, number of dropped items, effectiveness of enchants, plus more...

    This has set up a foundation for updates to come to design them around choosing your own difficulty level.

    just_five_fun has started a Q&A thread here, to answer some expected questions.

    So how do I get started?

    Logging in you will be on the default of difficulty 5, and this is comparable to how EMC was before this update. Normal mode Vanilla Minecraft.

    You can access the Player Settings menu on login by clicking the link or typing /ps

    Clicking on difficulty will give you a scale of 1 to 10, and hovering each level gives you an idea on what to expect for each level.

    This update is considered "BETA"

    We have put in lots of testing into this, which is why it took so long, but we will consider this update BETA and subject to change. We want to make this right, so nothing as it is now is set in stone and can be tweaked.

    Anyone found farming things on high difficulties without challenge can expect it to be nerfed/fixed. You SHOULD NOT be able to farm at high difficulties.

    Anyone who finds a way to abuse the system and farm high levels without risk, please report it to me and I will reward you rupees depending on the scale of the trick, up to 50k reward. (tiny, low reward tricks will not receive 50k, but will still receive a reward)

    What about Dystopia?

    This update should satisfy many peoples desires for Dystopia... But we will want to do a Dystopia world that is even more evil and more game behavior changing elements. So it's not off the table, but a good bit of leg work for it just was completed!

    ---- I am pushing this out to the servers now ----
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  2. First! Thank you Aikar, so much effort with such great results :D
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  3. Yay! I could've really used this when nether mining but this will help me in future endeavors :)
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  4. Pity it only goes up to 10 as 11 would be too extreme. (Spinal Tap reference)
  5. This is now live!
  6. "BETA"
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  7. I'll spend a few minutes on level 10 in the wild, will report here later.
    RESERVED: [EDIT] Died within 30 seconds of leaving my base. Cause of death: Slain by Zombie. Sharpness V diamond sword struck little damage against it. The zombie was very fast. It chewed down my iron armor greatly. Conclusion: It was awesome.
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  8. *giggles*
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  9. Fantastic! Will this affect mob arena?
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  10. "Competitive" areas such as MA and PVP are forced difficulty 5.
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  11. Just found out enderman will get mad at you at chase you on level 10 without you punching or looking at them..
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  12. I get to go to level 1 and stay there =)
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  13. Pro tip: Don't go to difficulty 10.
    It takes 13 hits with a Sharpness 5 diamond sword to kill a creeper.
    But it can also give you more than a stack of gunpowder with looting 3 :)
    Plus creepers can detonate further away, are really fast, and has a pretty high chance not to take knockback.
  14. My hits become weaker on level 10.
  15. That is intended :)
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  16. Question:

    What is the recommended difficulty? I really want to challenge myself but I don't want to do 10 yet. Should I do a 5-7 or something? I want to know what is the most recommended.
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  17. Was killed in Endertopia on level 1. Apparently the endermen no longer recognize the safe zone there so full health endermen get to mingle with the dropped ones. Russian roulette.

    Level 1, because clearly, I'm a coward. :D
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  18. Gold & Diamond supporters beware of Endertopia on any difficulty higher than 7. You WILL have a very bad time.
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  19. i'm doing 7 just because it is just before the percent reductions happen
  20. Yay!
    I like where this is going!
    Aikar solved another problem.
    Now tell me that Dragon Tombs are difficulty changeable!