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  1. Everything is now implemented as much as possible!

    Hello everyone!
    I wanted to start a new thread detailing ACTION we are going to take to resolve some of the feedback given here:

    1. IMPLEMENTED: Residence Chat and Group Chat logs will be moved to Sr Staff level requirement in Square. Chat logs in Square will default to Town, so a mod has to opt in to view Local chat.

      NOTE: Even out of the Sr Staff, Sr Staff is not allowed to share ANYTHING they read unless it pertains to the issue they are investigating to other Sr Staff/Admins. Sr Staff requesting logs for Moderator reports will only paste relevant entries, and will not expose any private discussions.

      Personal discussions unrelated to EMC will never be relayed to anyone else and Sr Staff and Admins are to disregard and forget any personal discussions going on that they happen to over see while investigating other things.
    2. MOSTLY IMPLEMENTED: Events: Currently the main frustration of events with lack of notice of them, has been due to moderators lack of access. This was primarily because it was to ensure the power was not 'abused' and to have some control on the quality and type of posts that got front paged or messages broadcasting to all users in game, but we will be work on establishing proper policy for moderators to be able to do it.

      We will also be attempting (no guarantees, it might not work with our forum version) a calendar/event system too.

      -- Sadly Calendar does not support our forum version so it has to wait until we can upgrade the forums
    3. IMPLEMENTED: ... The big one, the Survival Update!

      I previously held a survey:

      I will be changing the Custom Mobs behavior in the following ways:
      Drastic difficulty level reduction across the board, bringing them closer to the standard minecraft mobs, so they will have a slight (like 10%) difficulty increase, but VERY easy to manage compared to today.

      However, Loot Drops will be drastically reduced accordingly.
    4. IMPLEMENTED: Now, for the players who WANT that challenge: We will be adding a new "Player Specific Difficulty" preference!
      Players will be able to opt into a higher difficulty level, to bring back the current day challenge level of the Enraged/Minibosses. If players opt into this difficulty level, loot drops will remain as they were today.
    5. IMPLEMENTED: Minbosses will not attack a player until they attack it
    6. IMPLEMENTED: In relation to Enraged Creepers and Lava Griefing, Fire and Lava will be stopped from burning and destroying blocks in the wild.
    I hope these will resolve many players concerns! I do not have a hard set date for each one, but I am going to try to knock these out in small sections as I can, but rest assured these are the plans that will go forward.
  2. Reserved ;)


    Alright! Now for my reply! :D

    How will this be toggled? Different SMP, and since the mob drops will be nerfed, will you be increasing the amount of enraged that spawn? Personally I look forward to enraged mobs when I want the challenge, which this'll add! :D
    Will the toggle include mini-bosses, along with the possibility of changing the way Momentuss' draw-in attack is?
    Yes! My city is in a roofed forest, after a enraged creeper showed up, the whole forest almost burned down, this is my favorite part! :p
  3. Nice can't wait :D
  4. Since the dystopia world seems very distant, do you think we could just get a personal extreme difficulty that us "hardcore" players would want?
  5. My general idea was that we can go with normal MC words "Easy, Normal, Hard"

    I can very well design it on a scale, which dystopia will force hard mode.
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  6. I was interested in this as well, the only mini boss I have trouble with is the momentus when it draws me in. aside from that I was hoping some of the mobs could be harder
    also a note, I don't know if the mob arenas are done like this from now on(I haven't been to one for a while) but I really liked the idea of having God armour only and iron armour only rounds
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  7. you are my hero!!!!! ty so much for listening! I'm more excited then ever before to be able to return to the wild!! Does this include netherhounds not attacking 1st too?
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  8. I seem to recall a similar "opt-in" suggestion where a player could simply set a flag to enable / disable SU mobs from spawning locally. I was rather hoping that'd be the course chosen, to resolve SU complaints.
    That being said, I am entirely happy with these changes, and might actually have a reason to return to the wild now. :) I miss working with proper landscape.

    Thank you Aikar.
  9. Thank you :) And to imagine I was so nervous about what you guys would think. >.<
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  10. does this mean we shall be seeing more explorer's journals in your shop? i loved the rescued one alot :)
  11. Just maybe... ;) They're definitely the easiest to write. Treasure Hunter's Tales, 100,000 Meters, and Lamar's Wedding are all based on wilderness expeditions, and I really enjoyed writing them.
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  12. I think this will be good for new players, old players, and everyone in general. I recommend just start player off on low difficulty and notify them they can bump it up if they want.
  13. 100,000 meters was such a fun event as well. i've missed you being actively around the server/forums keph.

    aside from bite of coarse :p
  14. We are trying our best to broadcast the fact that, no matter how people think, or the subject matter, we don't really bite :D
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  16. Thank you! I really like that no-creeper-griefing thing. They can be so annoying at times! :p
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  17. I didn't say it wouldn't burn items, it just will not "consume placed blocks".

    That is the plan.
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  18. So Firespread is now turned off in the frontier? Surly this was to be one of the perks of land claiming... remind us again from a purely objective point of view, why we need to do that when we can now just build a long way out and record the location with a locked chest?
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  19. Protection from griefers getting any access to hurt your base at all...
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