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  1. Excuse me? You are being outright RUDE now. I DON'T use leather armor and a stone sword. Every time I leave town I have either enchanted Diamond or Enchanted Iron armor and sword. When a Momentus sucks you up, you can't do jack, by the time you get your footing and try to get away, you are sucked up a second time and you die, you lose your armor and are then naked. You then have to either run back and try to get the armor and stuff (if it's even there as friends and I have had our stuff disappear and unable to get it back), risking dying again OR you leave it to de-spawn while you helplessly punch and die repeatedly.To me this is not fun.
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  2. Faith's Feedback to Community:
    I Love You All!
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  3. Ok french vanilla is no more. The french became chocolate and the vanilla is now vanilla chocolate chips. :3
  4. Please be respectful to Pandas. Thank you.
  5. I would like to inform you that we own no leather armor because we are against the killing of cows you murderer. All our armor and swords are made from diamonds also enchanted, all forged in the inferno of Mount Doom. To even suggest we kill cows and wear their skin is barbaric and you should be flogged for even assuming we did.

    I too have killed a lot of Momentus's WITH MY BARE HANDS AND NO ARMOUR. You wanna know why? well if you dont too bad because im gonna tell you anyways! We live at an outpost see, Momentus spawns really close, so close I can look out my window and wave to him. Now picture this, He spawns, someone hits him. Then Momentus sucks everyone in a 100 block radius in! Its like a tornado you were just in your house minding youre own business, petting your sheep, baking some potatoes, sometimes afk. THOSE PEOPLE GET SUCKED INTO EVEN THOUGH THEY WEREN'T FIGHTING HIM!!

    He sucks me in while im baking my potatoes, I die, I lose all my stuff that I somehow Fit in my pockets. So I rage and become the Hero my outpost deserves, but not the one it needs. I go in swinging my arms yes I die 10 times give or take a few, but in the end he dies.

    : ) I will find you and when I do I will stand by your res, and stare at you for hours a day......
  6. AMEN to that sister!!!
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  7. I personally don't like the "miniboss will attack player unless they attack" it idea. This would give players a chance to trap the miniboss and kill it easier or even farm them in a way.
  8. Yeah I get that maybe if there was like some way to make it where if you get really really close to it or hit it with an arrow far away, they attack. Our problem now is that Panda is afk in her house, I walk to Momentus hit him and he sucks her and everyone else that wanted to part in it, in and they die and lose their stuff.
  9. it takes player damage to get drops, and player damage = they will attack you.
    So even if you trap it and try to kill it passively, you will get 0 drops.

    As for farming, They only spawn a limited # of enraged now. I nerfed farming a few weeks back after fragments were added.
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  10. Aikar capped the maximum possible number of spawns from minibosses, so "farming" them is next to useless now I'd say
  11. with my changes I'll be making, this will no longer happen. You will not be drawn in unless you do player damage to the miniboss.
  12. omg ty ty ty, sweet wild town i may once again be able to live within again :)
  13. About that...
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  14. Well. That is actually quite amazing! You should write books. You sir, have won the battle. I surrender.
  15. I try my best. Thank you :D
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  16. Meh, I don't kill cows to get my leather armor.
    Horses. totally horses.
  17. This will help in my most recent project! Thanks
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  18. Ah, so this is why enraged mobs now take 3 hits instead of 5ish with a sharp5 diamond sword?
  19. Everything is now implemented as much as possible!