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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by IcecreamCow, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. So, every now and then, there's drama that builds up in the community for whatever reasons there may be. Its more normal than it seems, however, and just shows that the community is growing and healthy with players who have strong opinions on things. A lot of the time players feel they're not welcome to share those opinions on the fear of getting in trouble for whatever reason. I understand this as well. Almost any other community I've seen out there will ban you for simply saying you don't like a staff member. I don't operate like that, and never will.

    That being said, it's been brought to my attention by some players who wish to remain anonymous (and I will respect that decision), that there are possible 'secret groups' forming to try and create some issue or drama to get a message out. These players felt that this kind of thing could bring bad situations to the Empire. They are correct.

    In the past, we've had situations like this happen, where a group of players wanted to try and force their opinions out on people by coming up with things that may not have been true about players and other staff. It ended up with those involved getting banned, unfortunately.

    I'm writing this post to extend an olive branch to ANYONE of you who feel something is wrong or you need to get something off of your chest to me. I promise you that no matter what you tell me or want to know, you will not get in any trouble if you do it this proper and correct way. You can even tell me you hate me or something I've done, and you'll be fine. My role here at EMC is to make sure things run smoothly, and if you feel something needs to be addressed, whether it's with other staff or myself, you can come to me at any time, without fear of being reprimanded (of course unless you go over the line and spam swear words or something, lol).

    The names mentioned to me by the players are ones that are valued members of this community, and I'd much rather work out your concerns in a peaceful and professional manner, than having to have people sneak around doing secret code messages and whatnot, and having players getting in trouble for going about things the wrong way.

    A lot of the players here won't understand this, and can disregard it, but those that do know or are involved, the invitation is there to solve your concerns the correct way. Here's to hoping you accept it. :)

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    Yeah, please don't do that on EVERY thread, it's annoying, and a waste of space on the thread.

    But, I have no clue what you're talking about, so I'll just disregard it. :)
  3. While this mentions a very specific issue currently going on, the general message applies to everyone as well for whatever the reason is. :)
  4. I support. Back when the New Republic was a thing, many players decided to form secret 'protest groups' against the direction the project was heading. This eventually got the thread closed, and the movement disbanded. A community cannot function without dialogue, and EMC is no exception. I urge anyone with any issues to talk to ICC.
  5. I'd also like to add, that you can find me on Facebook as well www.facebook.com/unidaption if you prefer to talk to me on a more personal level as well, to talk about problems, your day, or whatever. Reach out to me. The Cow is not scary. :D
  6. Pick almost any show on television and most of the conflicts are caused by people keeping things to themselves that wouldn't have been too much of a problem if dealt with and instead blowing them out of proportion or keeping them secret until they explode.
  7. Except during mobarena
  8. Icecreamcow, I believe you may have been referring to us with the profile pictures and everything. This has nothing to do with what I believe you are talking about. There is no hating going on. We just have a small private conversation where we are gathering our opinions together and making them presentable. We will then present these opinions to you and you will be able to give us feedback. Again, there is no hating going on at all. What we are doing is completely unrelated.
  9. Very true, which is why I felt it to be important to let people know it's okay here to be forward with me on issues, no matter how big or small or even if it's against me personally. I know I'm not perfect just like everyone else on the planet, so there's no need to worry about coming forward to me.

    In the past, it was usually one or two 'main' people leading the secret groups and since they convinced others to follow them, they all got in trouble, even though they were otherwise fantastic members of the community. I'm simply hoping this can reach to those players who have genuine concerns to get out to come to me rather than being involved with something they don't need to be. :)
  10. I don't know many details other than what was brought to me. My message here is to simply bring those concerns to me first so I can address them with you guys, if you have any. A lot of the time, things get twisted into completely wrong ways and then spread through the community before I or the other staff has a chance to clear up the air for everyone to be on the same page.

    Just want to make sure that doesn't happen, so everyone can be happy. :)
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  13. I'm professional and have an explosive personality. :D
  14. EXTREMELY explosive. you could almost say he was besties with a creeper......
  15. [Reserved]
    I suppose this post has been a long time in coming, and part of the issue goes back as far as the initial Survival Update, so bear with me.

    First off - ICC, I have no beef with you. I may not always agree with you, but I respect what you do and more importantly you do it well. Being a Community shepherd is no easy task, and I don't envy you that position.
    Secondly - I do have beef with Aikar, but that does not mean I don't respect him as well. Again, I may not always agree with the things he's brought to EMC, but he is a hell of a codemaster and without him EMC would not be what it is today - for better and for worse, but mostly for better. I still believe the Empire is the best Minecraft server available.

    Now then, it's never been any secret that I detest the Survival Update with every fiber of my being. Nor have I been quiet about it - I tried very hard to make the point that not everyone would enjoy the update. A point that even Aikar seemed finally ready to admit six months later. (For the record, as of this date the poll shows 67.3% of voters favored some kind of reduction - more than two thirds of those who participated).
    At the time this was going on, back in June, Group features were also rolled out. I recall a very pertinent question being asked at the time, regarding the privacy of group chat:
    (Remember, Alex was a mod around this time so the answer should be taken as more or less "official")
    So one day I logged into a different server - I want to say it was SMP2 - and was invited to a small group chat, where I questioned if anyone else was feeling the same about the Survival Update as I, and gave voice to my frustrations.
    A few minutes later, I received a yellow [Server] message, from Aikar himself - "Watch it. This is your final warning." And I wish like hell I still had that screenshot as proof. I still don't know precisely what it was I said to bring about that "warning," but it revealed a few core problems to me:
    • Nothing you say on the Empire is ever "private." And as Aikar himself pointed out, all chat can be logged and reviewed. Now, it is a generally accepted statement that staff will not monitor /tells or site-based private messages unless there is some particular need to do so. That certainly was not my experience that day.
    • This man is the last person I want holding a position of ultimate authority on EMC. An admin who cannot take criticism, admit their faults, and is willing to use their power to call out regular players (without ever explaining why, mind you) is not someone I feel comfortable around.
      • Now I'm going to add a caveat here: Since taking up the reins, Aikar has shown definite improvement as a community leader. The open discussions on EMC's development are a welcome sight. If I thought nothing had changed, I would not be here. (But Aikar, please man, work on your spelling. You're the head honcho, the CEO, proper grammar is important now).
    To add insult to injury, I discovered some months later (when suffering computer trouble) that I could PM ICC and Max to request Derelict protection, but when attempting to add Aikar to the conversation, "I do not have permission to message this user." While I realize this practice has been changed since, the last I remember reading at the time stated to PM ICC, Max, or Aikar.

    When the Empire officially became owned by "Starlis," the very first change I noticed wasn't a positive one. It was a threat.
    Warning: Issuing a charge-back on Supporter payments or Rupee purchases will result in a PERMANENT BAN without appeal.

    Aikar: was it really necessary to post a threat of permanent ban on the rupees page the moment you claimed EMC? This may have always been part of the rules, but I never recall it being something that had to be shoved in our faces so plainly.

    As you might guess, I decided to call it quits with EMC, when the announcement was made. Leaving threads aren't allowed, and mine would have amounted to simply "calling out staff" and likely gotten me banned anyway. But please, do not confuse my intent. I don't dislike Aikar - I don't know him personally and cannot form an opinion beyond what I've seen here. I'm not posting this to insult him or call him out, I'm doing so to lend some clarity, and in the process perhaps see things improve.

    I'm going to end this post the way I began: with respect.

    you are a hell of a coder. Your dedication to EMC and the skill you put into your craft are beyond reproach. You, however, are only human, and like the rest of us can make mistakes. Memento mori - remember, thou art mortal.

    Respect is something that must be earned, and where the function of EMC is concerned, you have mine. I will not always agree with what you bring to the Empire, but I cannot deny you do so with a level of talent even Mojang should envy. But as a leader, as the owner of this community, you still have a great deal to learn.

    Do not take this post as an insult, and do not mistake my intentions. I want you to earn my respect, but it will not be done with threats. You've done a great deal to improve my perception of you, just in the last three months, and it has nothing to do with the promises of content you've made. Dragon Tombs, Supporter overhaul, voting bonuses; I couldn't care less. It's about how you interact with this community - your community - and how to make that experience a positive one. Be open, be honest, and above all, be willing to acknowledge that like anyone else, you can and will make mistakes. The true test of character is how you deal with these instances when they occur.

    Do not demand our respect. Inspire it.
  16. 'Nuff said
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  18. Not to be rude or anything, but didn't I get banned for that?
  19. Don't be to narrow-minded on why you were banned. There is a difference between saying you don't like someone. And to be publicly insulting towards them.

    I think what the Cow was going for that we do our best to not: ban-first, ask questions later
  20. This.
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