Empire Custom Mobs: Difficulty Survey

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Lower difficulty of Enraged and Minibosses

Do not lower it at all, it would upset me a lot. 107 vote(s) 33.2%
Reduce by 25% (Both) 58 vote(s) 18.0%
Reduce by 50% (Both) 32 vote(s) 9.9%
Reduce by 75% (Both) 20 vote(s) 6.2%
Reduce Enraged by 25%, Minibosses by 40% 30 vote(s) 9.3%
Reduce Enraged by 50%, Minibosses by 70% 14 vote(s) 4.3%
Reduce Enraged by 75%, Minibosses by 90% 15 vote(s) 4.7%
Reduce Minibosses only by 25% 36 vote(s) 11.2%
Reduce Minibosses only by 55% 8 vote(s) 2.5%
Reduce Minibosses only by 75% 2 vote(s) 0.6%
  1. Hello everyone!

    The survival update... It has set us apart in giving us a unique feature, but also hurt us: Some people are afraid of the wild now.

    So I was wondering what everyone thought about a reduction of difficulty of the custom monsters?

    Would this help you with going out into the wild/nether more?

    I think lowering the difficulty on them some will be ideal, as we do have the Dystopia concept hopefully will come quicker now that we are building up EMC faster... That will give the people looking for a challenge, the challenge they desire. I feel as if we are forcing challenge on those who are not looking for challenge, and I want to improve that.

    So, for the context of the poll, what would you be comfortable with in the idea of lowering difficulty?
    Vote on what is the LARGEST reduction you are comfortable with, with the understanding a Dystopia world will be added in the future that is much harder...

  2. I don't think reducing the difficulty of enraged mobs is a great idea, as anyone with a minimal amount of skill for mobs can easily defeat one or two. However, minibosses are a good challenge. If a miniboss were to spawn and you had the option to spawn and fight it, that would be very fun. You just would have to accept a chat prompt to spawn the miniboss and then you could fight it.
  3. They're fine.
    The actual goal of the enrageds/minibosses is that they add extra challenge. If you don't have to fight them, then don't, and if you have to, then just do it. The difficulty is the best part about them.
    Nobody is actually obligated to fight them, and their spawns are far less common than normal to reflect that.
  4. What would be the best is in the wilderness the further out you go the harder they get
    edit: 3rd hehe
    Please note not wild just wilderness! :p
  5. I've never actually seen an enraged mob before :p I don't know how hard they are. I'd imagine pretty hard though?

    I don't think they're common enough. I only play on weekends due to school and stuff and I do hide away in a little shelter at night while travelling, but surely I should have seen one by now?
  6. While that for the most part is true for Minibosses, it will be hard to avoid ever running into an enraged.

    While I personally feel the difficulty level is "fun", They felt challenging to myself, but I consider myself much more elitist, and understand a large portion of the community does not want to play at level of difficulty preference.

    I really want to build EMC up to have choice in gameplay style.
  7. well im for increase boss spawning lol that would make me happy XD
  8. I say lower the spawn rate severely and once Dystopia comes out, make them a Dystopia only mob.
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  9. If you're traveling at night and the number of the people in the same world as you is low, you will be likely to run into one.
  10. That would not be ideal. We have some evil plans for dystopia, and it would not be fair to those who want the in between level of difficulty to then have to miss out on the mobs.

    Consider Dystopia a world where spawn rates would be increased by like 30%, where enraged are everywhere, and minibosses common.
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  11. ooo was this Dystopia idea just confirmed? :D
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  12. How about place them on certain server so if people prefer say no enraged or bosses, they go to 1,3,5,7,9,Utopia and if they prefer enraged and bosses move to 2,4,6,8,Dystopia
  13. Dystopia has been confirmed for a long time :) Just lower on the totem poll. But we are really setting up the goal where that queue of work will churn through quicker!
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  14. That would be extremely confusing to everyone. The better solution is to make their difficulty be balanced to the point everyone can fight them like a generic monster, but a bit more challenging.

    Similar to how a creeper is considered scary to many players, for them to be the next level above creepers.
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  15. It's hard to avoid running into enraged, but it is possible to avoid them altogether, or to fight them cleverly to win. In general, they can be defeated without having any skill in combat. (That is to say, I could defeat them)
    The varying difficulty helps keep it from becoming monotonous, and making them less difficult serves no real benefit.
  16. I think it should be lowered 10-15%
    My reason for this is 1.7
    When it came out, hunger saturation rated plummeted.
    I was fighting an enraged mob and looked down to see half my hunger gone, even though I had just had full hunger.
    Not a major percent decrease, just very minimal.
  17. This is a very tough decision, we have players who absolutely hate enraged mobs and others who want them to be the same. Somehow we gotta find common ground.
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  18. Don't do this. I was thinking about recommending to do a "hard" update and get hard difficulty and harden emc mobs.
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  19. The latest hunger saturation made enraged noticeably more difficult for me, before that I usually did not die from them when collecting resources. Now I do sometimes.

    But really, my biggest thing is not difficulty, but the fact that you might be at your wild base or at a good spot in wild/waste collecting resources and then be forced to fight Momentus.

    I wish there was some way to opt out or despawn him.

    You might not want to fight him and loose your items and you might not want to invite other people out to your base or spot in the wild to help fight him, because of griefing or other concerns.

    So, if there a way to make Momentus optional?
    Some people love him, and others really try to avoid him.
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  20. The players who don't like enraged mobs tend to get good at avoiding them. Proof: Experience.