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  1. This is a great update for people who die and have to search to find their items, thank you.

    It makes me request a small feature/Sr Staff service that will help reduce lag...

    I know several people who need to discard large amounts of items fast, for example dirt, seeds, rotten flesh, arrows, etc.
    Often you are far out in the wild and it is only practical to transport more valuable items back to town.
    Sure, you can throw the items in lava or fire, but only so many can burn at once and this is slow when you have several double chests to discard.
    I have seen 3 other common ways of mass item disposal, but they all cause lag....
    1. Ctrl+Q drop stacks on the ground (but now they stay around for 15 min causing lag)
    2. Redstone droppers firing fast onto ground or lava or fire, fed by hoppers and chests (these fast redstone devices cause lag)
    3. Breaking double chests filled with the items, and just let them despawn on the ground (but now they stay around for 15 min causing lag)

    Other servers have [DISCARD] or [DELETE] type of signs that allow you to put the item, and quantity, and just right click to discard the items, fast, lag free.

    Another option may be to add a cheap Sr Staff service to add a sell sign for EmpireMinecraft to sell for FREE.

    To be clear, I am not asking to reduce the 15 min time, that is a nice update, I just think the [DISCARD] sign or similar will be faster, easier, and save server lag.

    I do not like suggestions that delay Wild Land Claiming & Dragon Tombs, but perhaps this can be a Sr Staff Service or perhaps it is already in the sign code ?

    Aikar, Please let us know, thanks.
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  2. However it would make trashing items more convenient, I just don't see much of a use for this.
  3. There are a lot of EMC players that trash several double chests every day, so it would help them save time and reduce lag, the most.
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  4. Lava pit or Cactus in a hole.. Problem solved to getting rid of Trash items they don't want or making several access chest for players who might want them.
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  5. But you can also drop a whole stack in the lava, right?
  6. *Builds cactus and lava hole
  7. Yes, but if you need to get rid of 54 stacks or more at once, it takes a while with lava, because they do not all burn at once, if you trow too many in, they bounce out.

    The several people in this situation will use the fastest way, and that currently causes some lag.

    This is just a suggestion of how to help reduce lag and some people like me would like the [DISCARD] signs a lot :).
  8. Your asking us to put new Sr. Staff duty that cut down on a waste disposal process that only takes 30 seconds or less into something more complicated than need be. Sorry but I don't see that happening. Just make a Chest to hoppers onto a dispenser shooting it out into a lava pit.
  9. When in doubt, give your stuff away hehehe - there's a lot of people on smp2 that will take large amounts of dirt or anything... we use it in builds, storage capping, etcetera ... everything is useful :)
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  10. What if you use the wrong item...?
  11. Put lava around the chest and break it...
  12. I like the idea. I would use it, personally. I am not upset if this doesn't happen. It would make my by-hand (punching dirt) res clearing easier. :)
    The code should be rather simple to accomplish...
    However, in the end, it falls on Aikar and the Dev Team to decide if this happens or not.
  13. I'm a horder, i save EVERYTHING. If I'm in the wild with 4 loads of cobble and a bunch of mob drops I have trouble deciding what to drop if a dragon shard hits.
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  14. Could be a great thing Cadgamer. I have seen also where you can open a Dc and immediately discard 54 stacks after you close it. I do think this is helpful but not very important. Stockpiling in everything except for very common materials: dirt, stone, rotten meat,etc. can be a pain when you got way to much to get rid of. I agree with not using any of the above methods that require redstone, but I must agree with those who use falling into a lava pit.;)
    (No lag, and all items instantly gone!)
  15. Aikar added an item to the tracker about a delete command using /
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  16. i think a more useful tool would be something that deletes everythin in your inventory after a prompt that would be like are you sure you want to delete all your inventory. kind of like slot signs ask you to confirm.

    this would be easy to set up and with the confirm addition people wouldnt trash by mistake often. disposal becomes easy break chest fill up inventory click sign twice