Empire Bank

May 29, 2023
Empire Bank
  • Empires have a bank system to allow Empires to purchase upgrades. The bank does not "hold" players' Rupees and Tokens, but instead allows an Empire to spend Rupees and Tokens directly out of your balance.

    The players keep their currency until it is time to spend on a purchase. No other players can retrieve your contribution to the Empire's bank.



    • /empire bank info <empire> - Show how many Rupees and Tokens the Empire has available.
    • /empire bank allocations <empire> - View your current allocation information and limits.
    • /empire bank allocate <empire> <currency> <amount> - Changes your allocation of Rupees/Tokens to an Empire (the amount your Empire can deduct from you). This does not remove those Rupees or Tokens from you.
    • /empire bank allocationlimit <empire> <currency> <amount> - Changes the minimum balance limit for Rupees and Tokens that your allocation can deduct from you.
    • /empire bank donate <empire> <currency> <amount> - Donate funds to an Empire.
    • /empire bank withdraw <empire> <currency> <amount> - Withdraw funds you donated from an Empire.

    Information on EMC’s custom Empire system.