Empire Roles

Jun 4, 2023
Empire Roles
  • The role system of Empires is extremely extensive to give you complete control over what roles can do which actions.


    Each Empire has three roles by default: Owner, Officer, and Member. These Commands allow you to further customize your roles to be individualized.
    • /empire roles list <empire> - Show the current role assignments for an Empire.
    • /empire roles list <empire> <role> - Lists all Empire members with the specified role.
    • /empire roles new <empire> <name> <description> - Add a new role to give a different set of permissions.
    • /empire roles delete <empire> <role> - Deletes a role, removing it from everyone.
    • /empire roles addperm <empire> <role> <perm> - Adds a permission to a role.
    • /empire roles rename <empire> <role> <newname> - Renames a role.
    • /empire roles description <empire> <role> <description> - Changes the description of what a role is for.
    • /empire roles assign <empire> <player> <role> - Assigns a player a new role. Does not remove previous roles.
    • /empire roles unassign <empire> <player> <role> - Removes a role from a player, removing any permissions it was giving them unless another role also gives it.

    Role Logs(top)

    The Empire logs regarding roles can be viewed with the following Commands:
    • /log empire roles <empire> [page] - Shows role logs for an Empire.
    • /empire log roles <empire> [page]

    Examples of Specific Role Permissions(top)

    • Owner - Grants all Permissions.
    • Kick - Allows kicking of members from the Empire.
    • Invite - Allows inviting members to the Empire.
    • Assign_role - Allows assigning members roles.
    • Broadcast - Allows broadcasting messages to members.
    • Notices - Allows setting up notices.
    • Bank - Allows managing the bank of the Empire.
    • Bank_View - View Bank Balances.
    • Assign_title - Assign a user a custom title.
    • Manage_empire - Manage Empire Properties (Tag, Color, Upgrades).
    • Roles - Manage creating and modifying roles.
    • Admin - Grants many permissions an owner has.
    • Officer - Grants many Officer related permissions.
    • Member - Grants default Member related permissions.
    Information on EMC’s custom Empire system.