Empire Minecraft News: November 2015

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  1. Voting Contest Reminder
    Don’t forget about this one. With multiple tiers and chances to win, keep up those voting streaks. And remember: Voting comes with its own perks too. You can earn diamonds and cool gear, among other things, just for submitting your vote.

    Deadline: Nov 30th

    Referral Contest Winners
    Most Clicks (receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness)
    1st: OmegaDustMC
    2nd: iRupees
    3rd: Luckypat

    Most referrals (Receive Supporter Vouchers)
    1st: iRupees
    2nd: Luckypat
    3rd: FDNY21

    Scary Contest Winners
    As seen here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-pretty-scary-contest-version-2-0.57432/
    The results are in and tabulated. Thanks to Galantisizer, Noxavis and 2 anonymous donors, we have a grand total of 407,100 to split among the winners.

    Community Choice Winners:

    Staff Choice Winner: wins the Spooky Pumpkin event prize

    Community Appreciation Winners
    Sorry for the delay on this, sometimes when making these giant threads, things get lost in the scuffle. However, these players deserve the recognition for their efforts in being helpful and engaging community members throughout the period of January 1st to June 30th. So without further adieu,

    Winners of the Community Appreciation Awards:

    Aliens in Egypt!
    A UFO has arrived and parked itself directly overhead the Sphinx, bringing with it the much anticipated 1.7 items to the Empire Shop.

    Please note, some items that are only available in dungeons, etc will NOT be sold in the Shop. Remember the Shop is purposefully overpriced because these items are spawned in out of thin air (and spontaneous materialization is not cheap). Also, 1.8 Items will not be added until the Empire updates to 1.9 in the future. This is to allow the player market to stabilize.

    100k Items Now Available

    Choose 1 out of the 8 for your free item with /promo 100k

    Extras are available in the Shop for a limited time (Until Replaced with Thanksgiving things), celebrate the Empire reaching 100,000+ forum members with some specially crafted items. Item names are courtesy of the minds of our amazing staff team (so blame them if you don’t like them) =P

    Help us reach our next goal by getting players onto the forums and let's keep growing!

    New Blog Thing! Check out our new Sidebar Spot! ----->
    Now you can see all that is going on with the Blog at a moment’s glance. Check out the most recent additions and keep up to date on your favorite bloggers. To submit your own story for the blog, check out emc.gs/submitblog today.

    Already Suggested Ideas List Update
    No, I’m not completely done, but in my defense there was over 80 pages worth =P
    I am slowly making my way through archiving suggestions and adding them to the new and improved Already Suggested Ideas page in the Wiki.

    The Empire is constantly shaped by player suggestions and looking at this list, you can see the bits and pieces that have added up to get us where we are now. We are constantly looking to see what the community is asking for and it's amazing what a few different points of view can do.
    PLEASE read this list, or at least glance at it, before posting a suggestion in the Suggestion Box.

    Promo suggestions: emc.gs/suggestpromo
    We’ve had a good turnout that is helping to shape the promos that we create. The Headless Horseman’s Axe was a repetitive suggestion that we created and we are always looking for what the community wants. Your suggestion could be our next promo item.

    Mob suggestions: emc.gs/suggestmob
    Aikar is very busy getting things together so he doesn’t always see the mob suggestions that pop up here and there. Therefore, there is alos a mob suggestions form if you have a mob idea that you think we should consider. Keep it practical and your mob just might make an Empire debut.

    PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST PLUG-INS! We’ve said this so many times in so many places and yet, they keep appearing. Please remember that the Empire servers are based on vanilla. I’m not saying that we are strictly vanilla, but we try to make sure that players can play on the server without downloading giant mod files. So if you have a plug-in suggestion, think twice before posting it, please. (Notice I’ve said please a few times throughout that).

    Recently added non-technical things:
    -Forum Message Participants raised to 20, so you can now talk to more people at once =)

    -Forum Games section added

    Entity Restoration Project
    Aikar and the developers have been working their tails off to ensure that we discovered and squashed that nasty entity bug. Now that it is gone, the Senior Staff and I are going to be working on restoring player mobs to all their former glory.

    So here's what we need from you:
    1. Identify if you have any missing mobs
    2. Fill this out: emc.gs/missingmobs
    3. Be patient and Senior Staff will get to your request.
    4. Tell your EMC friends that may not go on the forums so that they hear too.

    Star Wars Build Contest
    Deadline: December 17th at 11:59 pm EMC time.
  2. 1st!
    Nice job! :D
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  3. I won another award? Ok, that is pretty cool :) Awesome guys!

    Meh, ninja'd too :) lol
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  4. This is not okay... :mad:

    Jokes aside, thanks for the awesome items. RIP rupees...

    EDIT: Congrats to all the contest winners and a special congrats to ShelLuser, khixan, Eviltoade, and Hashhog for community appreciation, they all definitely deserved it! :D
  5. Time to get a DC of everything.

    EDIT - The pick is the only good thing compared to the 60k items. Still cool :D
  6. Congrats to all winners of things, cool idea to fix the entity, blah blah blah... Ok, that's good enough of a response. *rushes online to grab a 100k promo*

    But seriously, all of this stuff sounds awesome. Massive congrats to the referral winners, Scary Contest winners, and CA winners (you three are all amazing, and I'm THRILLED that you guys won! :D). I'm honored to have been chosen as a Community Appreciation winner, and I hope to continue to live up to your expectations in the future. :)

    As for the Star Wars contest...
  7. Yay, new promos!
  8. wooo! got my set!
  9. Im in side the U.F.O >:D
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  10. Congrats to the winners! I got so excited about the promos lol.
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  11. wow, star wars build contest, may the force be with all of us:p
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  12. Sweet! Congrats to all the winners! New promo? :D
  13. So Promo. Much Excite!

    Question: Will there be Super Turkey again this year or only around Thanksgiving?
  14. The Sharpshooter is a rip off of my bow. Mine existed first. :p jkjk
  15. I need 5 more Alts...
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  16. So many promos! Oh what to choose.....I want all of them!:p