[CONTEST] Pretty Scary Contest version 2.0

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  1. Vote Now @ emc.gs/scaryvote
    Voting has ended. Results are pending.
    To those of you that were around at the end of 2012, then you may remember chickeneer's Halloween contest. Well, 3 years later, it's making a comeback of epic proportions =P
    To enter this contest, you must submit ONE screenshot of a Halloween themed creation - Built right here on EMC.

    Who Can Participate? Everyone! No alts please.

    Where can I build my Creation?
    On the Empire, including Town, the Wilderness, Nether, End. I advise not building in the Wastelands due to the increased risk.

    Be sure to follow all of the Rules of EMC while building these.
    All builds must be Legit and of your creation.
    Note: No Image Editing Software may be used and no rendering.

    So I built my Entry for the Contest, now what?
    Once you are ready to enter the contest, you can enter only 1 Screenshot into the contest (no exceptions). Be sure to use a texture pack that fits the theme Best. Take the Screenshot and upload it to an Image Sharing website. I personally recommend imgur.com; but others will work as well.

    Once you have taken and uploaded a Screenshot, you then Fill out the Entry Form at emc.gs/prettyscarysubmit

    ***OTHER RULES***
    • Only one screenshot entry per person/group.
    • A creation can only be entered once into the Contest. A group of people may come together and enter as ONLY ONE ENTRY if they wish.
    All Entries are DUE by Saturday October 24th, 2015 at 11:59pm EMC time.
    This will give some time to prepare for the voting.

    Community voting will start as soon as I can get it put together after new entries are closed. If all goes according to plan - Voting will open on Sunday October 25th as soon as I am able to put together a good imgur gallery and end Friday October 30th Saturday October 31st at 11:59pm EMC time.

    The section I am sure everyone is eagerly awaiting to find out more about. Based upon the Community voting mentioned above. The community shall choose the Top 3 Winners of the Contest - who will all receive equal Prizes. The three winners will receive an equal split of Rupees.
    Currently the Rupees Prize Pot split among 3 People is 300,000 rupees. If you would like to donate to this Prize - Fill out this form: emc.gs/prettyscarydonate.
    Rupees only for this contest. Remember to send them to me. I won't grab them from you.

    In addition, from the Top 3 contestants - The staff will pick the Grand Prize winner. The Prize though is Top-Secret (currently in development), but I will update this thread as soon as it is finalized.
  2. Might look into doing one of these :)

  3. I wish I could build

    Good luck to all who enter!
  4. Second. I hope to place in the top three! :3

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  5. Cool, I like it.
  6. So it can be anything and you are basing it off of a single picture? This'll be good.

    EDIT: Are you basing it off a picture or is will you base it off of the actual thing?
  7. Can we use a picture as our source for the build? (And I don't mean a picture of a minecraft build) I ask because I have a few pictures I would love to use as an idea.
  8. The community is doing the preliminary voting by the picture only.
  9. Will definatley be doing this, sounds like Lotsa fun
  10. NICE, I will get a schematic of nearby residences and build this in creative =P
  11. No rest for Ethan and I, eh?
  12. Another month of building, I guess.
  13. Last month should have been UNbuilding, aka destroying/digging =P
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  14. Ew, don't remind me.
  15. There's a reason location is required. Has to be on EMC.
  16. Question: Can the building be multi-residence?

    Like if I wanted my haunted mansion too have a corn field maze next too it on the neighboring res, and a pumpkin patch on the other side?
  17. Yeah, the screenshot is what counts. No size limit on this contest.
  18. Alright, time too fire up the pumpkin and wheat farms.
  19. Hmm... interesting contest. I'll have a go. :) In fact, I think I have an idea already...

    Oh, I do have one question, though. Are shaders allowed, or are they considered Image Editing Software? You mention Texture Packs were okay, so I'd assume so, but I want to make sure. :)