[CONTEST] Star Wars Builds!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Nov 8, 2015.

    December 17th 11:59 pm EMC time


    Entry form:

    60 x 60 plot. You can build on the EMC servers or a single player world. 1.9 items are NOT allowed. Command blocks are NOT allowed. Texture packs must be specified in the entry form.

    Deadline for Entry:
    December 17th at 11:59 pm EMC time


    1st Place:
    Empire Builder's Lightsaber: Star Wars Edition (renamed stick like the other Builder Wands), 100,000 rupees AND a gold supporter voucher, purchased and provided by Krysyy.

    2nd place:
    100,000 rupees

    3rd place:
    50,000 rupees
  2. I love it Krysyy!!!
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  3. :O I'm tempted to enter this one.
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  4. May the force be with you!
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  5. Amazing <3
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  6. Can we use mods?
  7. All items must be obtainable in EMC, so no.
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  8. I will be building the USS Enterprise.
    I loved it when Gandalf killed the daleks at hogwarts. :D
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  9. Wasn't that Batman?
  10. Star Trek I believe
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  11. Oooh. I'll be entering for sure.. Need that builder wand! :p
  12. World Edit? Voxel Sniper?
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  13. I'm assuming that means we can use Creative mode, too? :p
  14. If the items are attainable in EMC, then you can use them. How you place them, etc is up to you.
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  15. Technically, this contest was over a day or two ago. (Click Here)
    Yes, yes, I know, the movie wasn't released, but...

    Good luck to all who enter.
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  16. Awesome! May the force be with you!;)
  17. We can?
  18. excited to see the builds from this. I would participate but I know literally nothing about Star Wars, as I haven't watched a single movie.
    I know I know, I'll start getting ready to be burned at the stake :p
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  19. You can make your entry on single player.