[EVENT] EMC 5th Birthday Festivities Schedule!

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. As stated in the birthday post, Krysyy was out of town for EMC's actual birthday, but would be planning events for when she returned...

    Well, here's the basic schedule we have lined up so that you can plan to be around if possible. A few extra events may pop up, but this is what we have so far based on scheduling. We'll release the details with each individual post, but expect special prizes and event variations due to EMC's birthday! All times are listed in EMC time.

    8 pm - Wacky Wild Wednesday

    4 pm - FireFloor
    8 pm - Staff vs the World

    5 am - Aussie NetherSpleef with BigDavie
    10 am - Morning Mob Arena with ArchDukeMelon
    6 pm - Birthday Mini-Event
    8 pm - Miner Mania

    12 pm (noon) - Birthday Big Event Pt 1
    3:30 pm - Mob Arena
    8 pm- Birthday Big Event Pt 2 (No winner yet)
    11:50 pm - Miner Mania

    12 pm (noon) - Birthday Mini-Event
    4 pm - Ultra Hardcore (UHC)

    We hope to see you at some of the events!
  2. First,

    I will try and make the Saturday, and Sunday event, not much of games girl :D hehe

    (the non game ones)
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  3. Staff VS the World? Are all us regular players gonna die?

    I should be able to make most if not all of them!
  4. *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasps*
    I will try to be at:
    WWW, FF, BME, MM, BBEP1, BBEP2, MM, BME, and UHC. See ya there! :D
  5. Wow, we're going all out on this one, eh ;) I'll try to attend several of these events, see you all there! :)
  6. Oo very exciting. Im coming for sure ;)
  7. Will definitely try my best to come to these. :)
  8. i think its rly cool that the bday events are spread out, so that all ppl (also from Europe/Asia) can come to those!

    happy bday again EMC! ^.^
  9. Alright a schedule. I am off for both tomorrow and Thursday so let's start getting active with my alive alts.
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  10. Ooh, this looks like fun!

    Staff vs the World is going to be very different now... :p
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  11. Will be there no doubt
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  12. I would go to staff vs the world if my mom doesnt kick me off....
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  13. Ooo, I can only come for Saturday and Sunday :)
  14. Looks like FF and Birthday Mini-Event are the only 2 event I might miss.

    Thanks for hosting all this! :)
  15. I'll try for most of these! I am trying to get my shop up, and overall starting my days here... But I WILL be at least at one of these! WOOOO!!!! #Pumped
  16. whoooo gonna try to make it to as many as i can
  17. Right back at ya! #StillPumped
  18. Sound's like a Great time.
  19. I'll be at most of them so I can eat you all! I mean play with you guys!