Empire 1.6/Horse Update!

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  1. Hey EMC and welcome to the Empire 1.6.2 update! After many man hours, we finally finished preparing the EMC platform to properly handle all the new changes in 1.6. This update not only comes with the 1.6 features you’re expecting, but a few special EMC Exclusive features as well, including new residence flags and an updates.

    Horse Flag
    This flag lets you set permissions for people being able to ride horses on your residence.

    Eggify Flag
    This flag lets you set permissions for people being able to eggify animals on your residence.

    AnimalDamage Flag
    This flag allows you to set whether animals can take non player damage on your residence.

    Build Flag Update
    Players will need the build flag in order to name animals on a person’s residence.

    When you tame a horse on EMC, it will be linked to you as the owner and other players won’t be able to use it as long as it’s linked to you. However, you can give permissions to other players for your horse (similar to giving permissions to your residence). You can see all the commands available for your horse by using /help horse.

    There is a derelict policy on wild horses. Any horse whose owner doesn't go near it within 15 days will cause it to become untamed along with any equipment on it. As long as you can see the horse, it will be good enough in terms of being near it.

    With this update, we bring to you a new feature called “Stables”. Stables are essentially a virtual “horse vault” that allows you to store and summon horses that you own. This is more powerful than eggifying them as your stable is cross-server! There are a few commands available with the stable that are pretty self explanatory and you can find them with /help stable.

    Everyone automatically has one free stable to use and then go as the following:

    Iron - 1 Bonus Stable (Total of 2)
    Gold - 2 Bonus Stables (Total of 3)
    Diamond - 4 Bonus Stables (Total of 5)

    The extra Stables work like residences. As long as you are an active supporter, you will always have the max stable slots available to you. If you downgrade, you won’t lose the horse in those stables, but you will lose access to that stable when you remove the horse (until you upgrade to that level again)

    For example:

    Player A is a Diamond Supporter. He has 5 Stables with a horse in each Stable. Player A downgrades to Gold and now has 3 active stables. This player’s Stable list will show as 5/3 used Stables. When player A removes a horse from one of his stables, the list will then upgrade to 4/3. They will not be able to store that horse again as they only have 3 active slots.

    Eggification has been updated to do a couple new things. When you eggify a horse, the egg will save the horse with the stats of that horse, so you can easily carry a number of horses around with you if you want. Do note they will spawn as babies again though when carried this way. Also, with 1.6 comes the ability to name any animal, and eggifying a named animal will keep that specific animal to an egg, so it comes back out with the same name.

    Until the end of the weekend (July 28th) we will be offering a Stable Voucher which will permanently increase your max stable slots forever, similar to how the vault pages work. While they will be extremely rare after this initial promotion, it will be possible to have up to ten permanent Stables should you acquire that many vouchers. To do this, you will use /promo 1.6. Make sure to have a free slot in your inventory for the item to go into. If you want more of these, you can purchase them at the Empire shop for 50,000 until the end of next week (Friday). Remember there is a max limit of 10 total.

    This promotion is an extra special gift to the EMC family. Today marks EMC’s official two year anniversary. As a big thank you to everyone for getting us to this point, we are offering special Empire Horses for you to choose from. Everyone gets to pick one for free and they each have their own special qualities. After this promotion, these horses will never be available again, so get them while you can! To do this, you will use /promo Anniversary. Make sure to have a free slot in your inventory for the item to go into. The three horses (you get one for free), are special in their own way. One has a major speed boost. One has a major jump boost. The other has a major health boost. You can see which they are by hovering over the description before choosing which one you want. If you want more of these, you can find them at the Empire Shop for 35,000 each until the end of next week (Friday).

    As with any Minecraft update, it's possible that we will find bugs/glitches that slipped past us in testing. We recommend not using your Empire Horses for about a week to avoid losing them to bugs. We won't be able to refund/replace them as we can't track what happened to specific horses. Use regular horses for a while until we're clear there aren't any major bugs.

    For now, please do not auction the new items. We will make a guide for the rules for the new specific items on auctioning within the week. Thanks!
  2. At last! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this, it was well worth the wait. :D
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  6. Awesome, what everyone has been waiting for has now arrived! :)
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