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  1. 1.6 brought a whole new dynamic to Minecraft: horses. However, on EMC, horses work slightly differently to vanilla Minecraft (as we're a multiplayer server, and having too many horses would cause a ton of problems).

    What are stables?
    Stables are exactly what they sound like - just virtual! They're basically a cross server virtual horse storage, where you can store any horses you own. Unlike eggified horses, horses in your stable keep their attributes and armor, making them a great place to store any horses you own (although you must have tamed a horse to store it). Your stable can be accessed from all worlds - it costs 100r per summon in any world except Town, where it's free.

    What happens to horses I don't stable?
    Horses that are simply left on another player's res in town will be teleported back to the residence they were created on if that residence is on it's current server. Also, they'll be automatically killed. There is a 5 minute cooldown before either of these happen.

    Horses that are left in the wild are subject to the derelict policy. To stop a horse becoming derelict, then you must go near it at least once every 15 days. If a horse becomes derelict, then it will untame itself.

    How do I use my stable?

    This is what your stable looks like. The white text is the horses name.

    Types include "Horse", "Donkey" and "Mule". Details is how the horse looks, speed and jump is a number between 1-100, HP is the amount of half hearts a horse has, and Equip is whatever the horse is wearing (saddles, armor etc.).

    To view the horses in your stable use /stable
    To store a horse, sit on it and use /stable store
    To summon a horse at your current location use /stable summon #
    To view info on your current horse, use /horse. You must be riding a horse when using this command.
    To release a horse, sit on it and use /horse release
    To allow someone else to ride your horse, sit on it and use /horse riders +Name
    To disallow someone else from riding your horse, sit on it and use /horse riders -Name

    How many horses can I store in my stable?
    • Free players: 1
    • Iron supporters: 2
    • Gold supporters: 3
    • Diamond supporters: 5
    Unlike your vault, you do not have to pay to upgrade your stable. All slots your group is allowed is automatically given to you.

    You can increase the amount of horses you can store by using a stable voucher. To use a voucher, hold it and right click it.

    Is my horse protected?
    Yes! Even in the wild, or another player's res, no-one except you can take items out of a horse's chest or attack it.
  2. *cough* 1.6.2 *cough*
  3. So, I can keep my horses on my res?
  4. Yes, that's the best place for them :)
  5. Ummmm

    Horses that are eggified rather than stabled lose all their attributes. This include how high they can jump, their speed, their health, any armor or saddle they're wearing, and whether or not the horse has been tamed.

    But I thought egged horses kept their attributes?
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  6. Yes. They are supposed to be like that to prevent grinding to get the best horse.
  7. Would the amount of horses we can store in the stable decrease if we downgrade?
  8. From what I saw from the 1.6.2 update thread by IcC, yes.
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  10. So your saying I can ride on my horse to any res?

    And if so, won't that miss-up the entc on that res?
  11. I rode my horse to anither res it fell into water and i couldnt get it out. a few minutes later it disappeared and I thought it went to my res but it didnt. Please help! it was a promo speed horse
  12. IcC said don't use them for the first week or so... And he said they will not give them back because they don't have a trade system for them, so sorry, next time just read rules and follow them ;)
  13. ICC said that if you left your horses somewhere else, in 5 minutes they would go back to your res. It didn't work. he never said not to use your horses...
    EDIT: I took screenshots of where it was when i was waiting for it to spawn back to my res.
  14. So, you said if you leave your horse on someone's res, it will be teleported back to yours in 5 minutes, and in the wild it will just go derelict. So in what situation does this automatic horse murderer go into action?
  15. I left my horse on someones res and it didnt tp back to my res in 5 minutes.
  16. Yep, there were warnings not to use them for a while because of potential bugs.
    Also, horses only TP to the res they were created on, seeing as that was a Promo Horse, it wasn't created on your res.
    As with any Minecraft update, it's possible that we will find bugs/glitches that slipped past us in testing. We recommend not using your Empire Horses for about a week to avoid losing them to bugs. We won't be able to refund/replace them as we can't track what happened to specific horses. Use regular horses for a while until we're clear there aren't any major bugs.
    This is what icC said

    Here is the link