Birthday Cookie

Aug 5, 2023
Birthday Cookie
  • [Year] Birthday Cookie

    Alternate name: 2021 Birthday Cookie
    Alternate name: 2023 Birthday Cookie

    Type: Misc
    Released: August 7th, 2015; August 7th, 2016; July 29th, 2017; July 25th, 2018; July 25th, 2020; July 31st, 2021, August 3rd 2023
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: Participating in the Empire Minecraft 4th Birthday Thread; 2016 Birthday Big Event; 2017 Purple People Party; 2018 Birthday Celebration; 2020 Purple People Party; 2021 Purple People Party, 2023 Birthday Claim a Gift Chest
    Lore: Celebrating Empire Minecraft's
    4th Birthday. 07/25/2015
    Lore: Celebrating Empire Minecraft's
    10th Birthday. 07/25/21
    Lore: Celebrating Empire Minecraft's
    12th Birthday. 07/25/2023

    The Birthday Cookie is a cookie that was released for several birthday celebrations of Empire Minecraft. It is a cookie with a colored name, and it has lore added to it to celebrate the occasion. The birthday and year in the lore changes to reflect each year.

    Over 300 players participated in and have received the 2015 Empire Cookie by posting a birthday wish or a poem on the 4th Birthday of EMC Thread, and the 2016 Empire Cookie was available for all who took part in the Birthday Big Event that celebrated 5 years of EMC. There were 12 stacks of 2017 Birthday Cookies dropped at the Purple People Party on July 29th, 2017 (thread). Ninety-nine of the 2018 version were released at a similar big bash. An unknown number were released in the 2020 celebration, and again at the 10th birthday event in 2021. In the 2023 Birthday event, a cookie was given out to each player who claimed a chest at the Birthday Events on August 3rd (142 in all).

    The lore's color was aqua in 2015 and pink in 2016, and all versions from 2017-2021 have had light green lore. The 10th birthday cookie for 2021 was given a rainbow name, and the 2023 a magenta name and the date format in the lore varies from other years.
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