Happy Birthday EMC / 1.3 Wild Reset / Feature Updates!

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  1. Happy Birthday Empire Minecraft! One year ago today, a small group of friends with a private server that was growing beyond their control, was formed into the beginning of what you now know as Empire Minecraft! It was an emotional moment for some. We had to destroy our current creations in our residences (that we had to manually set by hand for each one) and go through the teleporter into what is now known as "Town". The next day, We signed into EmpireMinecraft.com for the very first time and opened ourselves up to the public. For the first month, we went NUTS when we had 30 people on at a time. It was amazing and scary. We made our first post on PlanetMinecraft.com and got to deal with and ban our very first griefers. The first griefed creation was a "Slime God Temple" which was made by belchmaster and Beardswell. It was within viewing distance of the spawn, a mistake that at the time we didn't know was a mistake, haha. Today we stand at over 40,000 members strong and still growing at an awesome pace! Make sure to read to the bottom to collect a rupee EMC Birthday Bonus!

    I'd like to use this post to announce some things and ideas we have going on right now with EMC and some things to look forward to as we continue into year 2 of EMC.

    1.3 WILD RESET

    First of all, we've decided that there will be NO WILD RESET for the 1.3 update. As it won't be difficult to find some of the new structures with just a little bit of traveling, we don't think it's worth it at this time to destroy things in the wild. Unless it's something that is required technically or the update is SUBSTANTIAL that would require an update, we don't want to do wild resets unless we need to.

    Shop Feature Updates

    We took a TON of feedback about our shop system on ways we can add some awesome features and came up with our "Shop Update Thread". You can join in the discussion here if you haven't seen it yet. The foundation is in place, we're just ironing out the details. As the shop is something that isn't 'broken' and we're simply adding features to it, it will take a back seat to a few other features, which I will highlight below. Don't expect the Shop Update for a couple months, most likely.

    Wild Updates
    Our town feature has been our bread and butter for EMC since launch. We feel like we've perfected the town system when compared to any other server out there and it's clear by the amount of praise it always gets from new players to EMC.


    As most know, Aikar is the "Wild King" when it comes to EMC and has pushed for a long time for us to do some Wild Protection/Updates/Features. Now that he's been added to our programming staff, this is going to be more of a possibility. We'll make more announcements in the near future, but look forward to live map feature updates, protection updates & more unique ways to travel far and wide in the wild!

    Misc Updates
    Aside from the above mentioned, we have a lot of interesting ideas we're toying with as well, including scavenger type hunts, contests and more for some dragon eggs as well as some VERY good reasons you would want to HAVE dragon eggs. I won't go into many more details than that as we're just in SUPER early discussion stages...but the ideas we have will be fun, I promise. :)

    ^^^ Click This ^^^

    Click the link above for a Birthday Rupee Bonus from EMC!

    The link will credit your account with 1,000 rupees. It will be active until Sunday at Midnight. :)
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  2. No wild reset woohoo! :)
  3. Damn it! I'm always first. Will add edits soon.


    First of and foremost, I was right about no wild reset. And, in that, I am ecstatic. Thanks Jeremy, Justin, and others.

    Second and, well, secondmost? It's been awesome in the 200 something days I've been on EMC. About two weeks ago I spent an hour typing stuff thanking everyone as I thought it was EMC's 300th day. Thanks AusQB for correcting me.

    Third and thi-diddly-ird-most, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you all.

    Fourth and final, I'm glad for all this time on EMC, and all that you've given me, and I will add shoutouts!

    coolninja98 - Not many know, but he is the reason I still am on EMC today. When SMP4 was launched, I almost left, but he kept me on and alive.

    PandasEatRamen - She's helped a lot in ordeals with my clan The Slime Team. And I couldn't thank you enough for my skin.

    hayleycolgan - You have been a friend throughout my time on the forums, and you're one person anyone can count on for a positive view on things.

    Spiffiey - This is a joke, and I have to say it. "lulz where do you live?" Remember that conversation?
  4. Happy Birthday EMC! :)
    It has been a wonderful 269 of your 365 days of life and even more pleasing being a member of the Staff for 99% of my time here. I am pleased to have grown with EMC and those who have been loyalty to us for the entire time. :)

    Side note: Posting 1st is going to be deleted each time it happens. If you have nothing relevant to say, don't take the time to post it.
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  5. I wild Aikar appears :D

    Thanks for the update- can't wait for the 1.3 update in one week
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  6. woohoo! :)
    super excited that there isn't a wild reset! :)
  7. Dunno what to say =)
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  8. Well, for the 2nd, although shorter this time, happy birthday EMC! :D
    (and you can see my beautiful face on the screenie - it's 612 btw)

  9. Happy Birthday EMC! :D
    My only regret so far is not having found you sooner :p, but being here for just half (182 days) of the time you've been around has brought me more joy than any other server I've been on :)
  10. Yay :) Love it !. Happy Birthday EMC
  11. I'm so excited to see these features get released. And like nab27, my only regret is not making my way here on day 1!
  12. Finally All these question's Answered :)

    Thanks Icecreamcow.
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  13. I am so excited. I can't wait for the updates. Man, you guys and gals are in for some real treats, because things are about to get even more awesome. :)
  14. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Happy Birthday EMC :):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw the batman that fell off the cake was me... I got pushed off :mad:
  15. woooo now EMC is going to be more fun..... wait is it possible?
  16. LIKES for EVERYONE!!!! :D
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  17. Happy Birthday Empire Minecraft! It's amazing how much you've guys grown and added to the community since the website started and the first thread was created. I can't wait for the new updates and changes in EMC and I hope its going to make the greatest Minecraft multiplayer experience even better. (Who knows, maybe we'll even see SMP10, 11, and 12! ;)) And to JustinGuy and IceCreamCow: I love you.
    I hope you guys never stop supporting this great community and it lives on, just like an Empire should. The Empire Minecraft. Happy Birthday EMC!!!
    ~ IamSaj
  18. It has been exciting to watch EMC grow from a single server to the giant it is today.
    Many thanks go out to all of our staff and members who have made Empire great.

    A special thankyou aimed @ AusQB and Dark_Liz who both played major roles in shaping and forming the Empire from the beginning.

    Last but not by any means least, our deepest gratitude to JustinGuy and GameKribJeremy for creating such a fantastic place to play a great game.

    This is just the beginning, bring on the updates and EMC's second birthday!
  19. So whens the party?
    EDIT: who clicked on the thread when it had 0 views?
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  20. I'm not much of a "gamer", but EMC has been a nice escape from usual life since I joined, and the announcements in this thread suggest that this will continue.

    Thanks to all the people because of whom EMC exists!
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