EMC Celebrates 4 Years with Cake, Cookies, and More!

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  1. Happy 4th Birthday to Empire Minecraft!
    On this day in 2011, the servers were launched and with time, we have grown to over 300k members!
    Grab some 2015 Birthday Cake to celebrate. Type /promo bday in-game to get yours.

    Don't worry, if you aren't a fan of cake, there is another sweet treat for you. Some work required.
    Post a birthday wish/poem/anything dedicated to EMC or say something you love about EMC on this thread. Every account (one per) that does so will receive a 2015 Birthday Cookie though the in-game mail. (Posting acceptance ends July 31st at 11:59 PM EMC time)

    List of other released birthday surprises (updated when released):
    -Arena Longbow #3 and Arena Blade #9 will be given out tonight at RainbowChin's Mob Arena.
    -EMC Flag now available in the Empire Flag Shop at /v spawn_town@flags on every server.
    -Party at the giant cake on smp9 at 8pm EMC time. No you cannot go on just yet =P
  2. All done with hints
  3. technically first but :p:p happy birthday emc!!! hope you stay this way for ever :)

    Happy bithday to you,
    happy birthday too you
    happy birthday EMC
    happy birthday EMC!!!
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  4. What I love about EMC:
    • The uniqueness from other servers: EMC is one of kind.
    • The community and how everyone looks after each other.
    • How professional the staff and developers are.
    • The promos and items that are one of a kind to EMC.
    • The custom coded mobs and bosses.
    • The diverse economy.
    • The equality and sense of unity.
    • And much much more!!!

    A unique server,
    A community to love,
    EMC forever.
  5. Woot woot! Happy Birthday EMC! Same age as my youngest. :cool:
  6. Happy Birthday EMC!
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  7. I love the towns and the worlds, and the awesome supportive staff.
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  8. Happy Birthday EMC! May this year be even fun, funnier, and better! I wish the Dragon Tombs will be amazing if they get released! And I wish there will be more hilarious staff to bring to the party!
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  9. Happy 4th EMC!!

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  10. this is the most supporting server i have ever played. happy birthday EMC
  11. I love the people and friendly enviroment on emc
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  12. Happy Birthday, Emc! Thank you to all the players and staff for making this server the BEST.
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  13. Happy Birthday EMC! Heres a poem Ive made up.
    EMC, EMC,
    Never have I seen,
    A server so great
    And never was I late,
    EMC seems old,
    but never have I known,
    How great EMC has been to me.

    ( Not the best poet )
  14. Happy birthday EMC! I can't believe I've been here for over 2 and a half years now!
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  15. Happy Birthday EMC! You are an amazing server and I wish that you continue to grow and bring joy to many players. :)
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  16. i love emc so much
    when i feel bad in rl i comme on here and it makes me happy again :D
    emc is the best and im happy to see that one awesome emc year has gone by
    hope there will be lots more of them
    even after im gone :p
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  17. Cake and cookies!

    Another candle on your cake?
    Well, that's no cause to pout!
    Just be glad you have the strength
    To blow the darn thing out!

    <3 EMC!
  18. I love how unique the server is compared to others
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  19. I hope this server growes more and more! Happy birthday EMC!
  20. Happy birthday EMC!!!!
    you are the best of da best!!!!
    and im not saying that just to get a cookie =P
    i mean it
    PS thats not a poem.