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  1. Auction button (signature)

    Survey Button (signature)

    CES Logo (Header, logo, signature) file, didn't want to embed for slower computers' sakes.

    Division logo (earlier work)

    Montana Poster (poster, map)


    Note on Denim button (signature, denim pattern made from scratch)

    Golden Apple Construction (logo, signature)

    Salak Design (logo)

    The trial is OVER! I've announced my new design business, check my signature.

    I'll be launching a graphic design service soon, an actual business. It could use some more material for examples, however, so I will be temporarily offering my services for free. All I ask is the ability to use it in promotional material.

    What can I do? I can make signatures, posters, logos, headers, transparent stuff, etc. if it's a simple 2D image I can do it, in any shape or form. I cannot do a few things. Right now I can't really do anything beyond really simple GIFs, I can't do shaders/renders as backgrounds, and I can't do the fancy 3D skin models. Expect this list of restrictions to get shorter!

    If you have any questions, just ask. Please post requests below, I'll try to either be prompt in giving you a finished product (please ask for revisions! You should get the product you want, treat this as if it isn't free. I really want to do a good job for you) or in telling you I can't do it. If you are getting work done for a nonprofit you will be prioritized.

  2. Could I get a bill cypher profile picture? Lots of blue and stuff!
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  3. So a bit like what you have now but a little slicker, and with a blue background?
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  4. Yes! Tanka
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  5. Can you make youtube intros? :p
  6. Nope. No vids for now :(

    If I could I would be making a killing. Seriously the demand/supply ratio of those things is insane!
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  7. Portfolio up!

  8. Version 1. Feel free to make any requests!
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  9. Wrong thread?
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  10. BILL!! BILL!!! BILL!! BILL!! Great job, 10/10....
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  11. May I request something that's hard for me to explain? I run the smp1 teleport hub / directory. I need a better picture to represent that sevice. The photo I have now for the thread was the closest thing Google images could get me :p and I searched for hours...

    I leave it up to your creativity, I'm just picturing an image of 1 central point taking you anywhere. But if you can think of a better illustration for it, by all means do it! ^_^ thank you.

    I hope this request helps you out some ^^

    Edit: here's the link to the thread

    Also on the 2nd post is the link to the Directory for all the Directories ;)
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  12. Edit: Can i get a picture of me WITH wafflez and Mlg stuff all around it
    If ya know what I mean by Mlg
    A profile picture please

    Edit: with a light blue background that dosent blend with my hair
  13. I have an idea, will work on it.

    Light blue has to blend with your light blue hair, but I'll use another color. MLG is like sunglasses, mountain dew, doritos, like that?

    Will work on yours after Kytula's nonprofit.
  14. Here are some ideas, tell me what of this appeals to you for a final version, or if none of the stuff shown here does. The skew on the map w/ graphics is a little rough, I'll try to work on it if you like the idea.

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  15. I love it but where's me and my wafflez?
    I don't think I can fit this into a profile picture
    Also if ya may can ya please take away the triangle eye and the green leaf
  16. No man that's just a random pic I grabbed off of the internet, to make sure I was understanding the style you wanted correctly.

    I'll get yours done once I'm done w/ the other design project, which as a community service kinda thing takes priority.
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  18. I really like the map with graphics and the bottom pic the best! Very much the concept I was going for. As for colors it doesn't have to be white and red just so you know :) but I like how you're working with this. Thank you very much!
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