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  1. Can I have a profile picture with like a tonne of pink, purple and blue shades in the background. A cartoon cake (not minecraft). And CAKIE! in bold lettering you can design it however ya like just make sure ya stick to my theme, please. :3
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  2. Red & Grey Actually is just a great color combo for emphasis, don't worry :).

    Some single designs:

    The map one is improved a bit from the last version.
  3. Would you be able to make a profile picture with Neymar Jr.? I would like it to be something like a sports edit (kinda like my current profile pic). I would prefer if you used Neymar with his Brazil kit on, rather than his Barcelona kit. Also I think it would be pretty cool to have the Brazil national team logo or the Brazil flag or something like that in the background or somewhere on the picture. I am in no rush to get this, so take your time!
    Thanks so much,

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  4. What program are you using if I may ask?
  5. Just a small check in, I've been working on the bird logos and these are two of the designs I've got so far. Do you like the style? Which direction would you like me to go with (if you like either)? These are just WIPS for the shape of the bird, I'll add a branch later.

    Also, I've been trying both bird and flowers on two logos, and it's just not creating anything satisfactory for a small logo, it's just too busy. If I were you I'd choose one or the other for your logo, either is great but I'm personally partial to the bird.
  6. Pixelmator (The, IMHO, only actual contender to PhotoShop). It's pretty good; although it's not as feature-rich as PS, the effects and the like it does have are of very comparable quality.

    Inkscape doesn't really work on mac well, sadly, so for now I'm too poor to buy an app to do anything vector-y.
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  7. I personally like the first bird, as for the flower, perhaps add a small, white flower to the branch?
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  8. Ask for revisions if you want them, It's no bother to me :).
  9. Can do.
  10. Here ya go:

    Again, if you have any suggestions to change it just ask :).
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  11. You are a legend! Thank you so much, I love it! :)
  12. I'm liking the map the best. But may I ask for 1 little addition? Could you add some obvious indicator that it's a map >_< I'm sorry if took me awhile when I first looked at the first pics to understand. It wasn't till I reread your post saying those where maps that it clicked... either a compass rose, or someone holding it or something along those lines, I'd appreciate it! Thank you ^_^
  13. Well if ya see to the left you can see I love my profile pic
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  14. Could you add pink dots with different shades of pink to it? And add a little bit of pink dots on the word cakie! (TYSM)
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  15. Sure. Do you mean on the cake or the background (in addition to the "cakie!" text)?
  16. Could you possibly make 2 things for me?
    One is a signature, and the others is for a thread....

    For the signature if you could put a Pic of me standing on a mooshroom island?
    Along with a few buttons linking my profile and a button for my outposts thread....

    With that said for the thread I'm looking for a cool design to add to the first post of my outposts thread,
    If you could perhaps make a scenic few of a mooshroom island?

    Thanks a BUNCH! if you need anymore details lemme know :)
  17. pink dots on the cake and cakie!. not the background. (does my improper punctuation scare u?)
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  18. Is that better?
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  19. Perfect! ^_^ thank you very much!

    In your opinion should I put a header above it "SMP1 shop directory"? I can always add that later myself. But I like that as is. Thank you very much!
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