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  1. Is there any way you can give a picture a patchlike quality? Like:
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  2. I would, in fact here you go:
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  3. I might, if you have an image in mind I can give it a shot (once I've gotten through the other clients, ofc).
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  4. Let me make it then!
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  5. Can I get a YouTube Pic made with THIS Image in the center, a shadow effect around it, and a bright blue backgraund, like THIS COLOR. Can ya get that for moi?
  6. I'll try to get to it by tomorrow, it'll take some time.

    Again feel free to request changes or whatever you'd like!
  8. You mean like the header? or a thumbnail?

    Anyways, here's a few different designs, I can extend the background as needed for which type of image you need.
  9. Awesome !!! Thanks so much :D
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  10. TY it's perfect!!!
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  11. OK I have enough content I believe to make a pro service. No further requests will be taken, but I will still look

    It's not very good, but it's the best I've been able to come up with. The software I'm using doesn't have the kind of stuff you need. Sorry.
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  12. It is perfect, thanks. Is there any way to remove the background and make it transparent?
  13. Here you go, some of the white was actually part of the patchy-ness so I couldn't remove it, sorry.
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  14. can i get profile picture that is a grass in a suit and grass as my signature pls
  15. I'll PM you, but it might be a week cuz I'm not sure if I'll have time before I leave for a bit.
  16. Wait no this is not the right thread. Please actually read the post.