[FREE PUBLIC SERVICE] Smp1's Shopping and Attractions Hub @2112

Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by MiphaOfTheZora, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. Added more shops! Always looking for more though ^_^ pm me yours or even someone you know that's not listed yet.
  2. Come one come all!
  3. That list is LONG. Honestly, I usually go to smp1 for my promo shopping and mall findings, thanks for putting them all here.
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  4. This is nice! Are you close to done with cataloging everyone's res? (I'm pretty sure you aren't.)

    What would be cool is to have a teleport hub on each SMP. If you ever want to build one on SMP2, you can use my residence. Just PM me and tell me what flags you need, and I'll give it to you. I lost interest in actually building up my res after it went derelict a while back, lol. To be honest, I only use my res for storing items and my farm.
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  5. That's very generous of you! I never thought to expand to other servers. So I think I'll take you up on your offer ^_^

    Also I'm only listing the shops that have players that keep them stocked. There's a few that have the +shop tag but have nothing to sell. So unless I visit EVERY residence on smp1, >.> this list is pretty much done. I will continue to add new shops, and those of players I might have missed advertising to when I'm on, though.
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  6. Sounds cool! Yeah, I guess you should only catalog shops under the +shop tag. I understand it would be a pain to go around to every residence xD.
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  7. Hey their Kytula ^.^ I seen this post and I really like the way you have set it up :) I'd like to do something similar to make an official thread for the event build. Do you think maybe one day when you sent busy, you can show me how to do signatures and spoilers?
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  8. I got my signature custom made from alec_chance ^_^ but I can help with the spoilers at least. I'll edit in when I'm on my computer tomorrow.

    Also I have some new shops added to the TP hub, will update the op's list soon.
  9. You forgot the EMC builds /park and /fun

    Edit: nvm, just remembered this is for smp1 only.
    ... Wait, that means they thought of making a place for the dead before making places for the living... Creepy...
  10. just a notice, there are a few things incorrect:

    1, 1144 is moved to 966
    2, 1144 was, and 966 is owned by Tomvanwijnen and me.
    3, I'm breaking 1145 down at the moment, could you put 752@shop behind it for the TEMP. shop. that will be used before 966 is done?
    4, Ilse32 doesn't excist anymore, my sister's accound is called CaptainFantasy and my alt MagnusMercrator

  11. I don't have a large shop, mostly selling iron, gold & emeralds atm, can I still list my shop?
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  12. I list all the shops on smp1 that stay in stock, despite the size ^_^ So sure I can list yours. Next time I can slip on I will try and do so.

    It will be on the 3rd floor fyi ^^
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  13. SMP1 Directory is temp closed for the time being as the res. gets a complete makeover :D Will have a new and improved directory up and running again in the near future.!
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  14. Sweet! Looking forward to it and can't wait to see the new makeover. =D
  15. Are you going to keep the shops you have listed there, or check up on them and see if they are still alive?

    Looking forward to it!
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  16. The entire res at ground level is getting wiped clean. I almost opened it up as a grief party but then remembered I just made a storage room for the FCC there :p so once I get to that part of the rebuild I will just start from scratch. Doing /v +shop and /v +mall like I did when I first started, then advertise for shops to list their locations also in chat.
  17. Got it up and running, but not completed yet!
  18. Closing the thread. Wish you all the best!
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