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  1. Looking for a shop or attraction?
    Try visiting your local Directory!

    Think of this thread as a map to the Directory/Hub on your SMP. Those Directories host teleports to: the stocked shops, attractions, and other interesting things on your server. Below is a list of those Hub's on each server and includes a link to each of the threads about them.

    *These are all lovingly put together by players who want to help us (the community) out. Why not spread the word of /v +directory to help them out ;)

    Check out the Directories / Teleport Hubs on the other SMP's

    • Smp1= Kytula /v +directory (Open but still accepting new locations)
    • Smp2= ShelLuser UNDER-CONSTRUCTION
    • Smp3= DrewRadio /v 6002
    • Smp4= KaliaLlama /v +directory
    • Smp6= Raaynn /v +directory
    • Smp7=
    • Smp8= Sealeon UNDER-CONSTRUCTION
    • Smp9=
    • Utopia= Raaynn /v 5001 or /v +directory
    Updated 12/3/16
  2. If you want an awesome break down of shops this is the link for you! Thank you MatthewDA
    Also adding a quick link to
    Buy decorative player heads here:

    SMP1 ~ 303 (+Deco)
    SMP2 ~ 3470 (+Poof)
    SMP4 ~ 8020 (+Deco)
    SMP6 ~ 12006 (+Deco)
    SMP8 ~ 16860 (+Deco)
    SMP9 ~ 19489 (+Deco)
    EvKem /v EvKem or /v 11208
    Lil_Spartan_Cat /v +pig on smp8 and /v +furnace on smp8
    tuqueque smp8 at /v iulti(or /v 16059)
    keonizer1 smp 5 its on /v +headzg
    Averagewalrus /v 17532
    ThaKloned SMP5 /v 11729 and Also on SMP9 /v +deco
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  3. I was working on one as well on smp2, seems as if I was ninja'd by Shel once more :p
  4. The SMP4 Directory is located at 9308 (/v +directory).
    It's been up and running for a little over a year - I don't have a current forum post but it's about to undergo some major renovations and I will be creating a new post to announce it once it's done. Parts of it will still be accessible while I update so please come visit! :)
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  5. SMP3 has a directory at /v 6002 owned by Radio_Ed1t, but it hasn't been updated lately..:confused:
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  6. Thank you very much! I just added them to the list.

    was able to hop on smp1 for 5 minutes and add the directory tag to my res finally too :p
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  7. Awesome! got your's added too. Sorry, I think I visited it once before, but didn't add it immediately, I have a colander for a brain >_<
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  8. Working on an smp5 one :)
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  9. It's been around for as long as I've been a player. I have permission to build on that residence (with an admin flag), so I'm sure I could build a little something. However, I don't have a clue what to make teleports to. I'd be glad to make it if someone familiar with SMP3 could give me a list of some places of interest.

    I'm a former SMP3er, so I do remember a few of them like /fun and 6697/7500.
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  10. Directory needs maintenance, I think a good directory needs checks and updates at least once in a month.
    Weekly check and update would be perfect.

    Teleports to non-existent / not maintained / defunct shops can quite spoil the fun.

    To achieve that, the users of the directory should be able to easily mark entries as out of date - perhaps a simple or a bit less simple solution with redstone lamps could help.

    On the other side, shop owners might contribute a (small) amount monthly to have a teleport in the directory. That could cover the cost of checking if the shop is functional and would serve itself as a message "I'm maintaining my shop."

    Perhaps a group of few people could share the job?
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  11. I really like the redstone lamp idea. I was just either removing them tp. Or placing a sign saying out of stock... though I need to check mine soon
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  12. I haven't been able to login to check the res number for it. Where are you building it? :)
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  13. 11464, I haven't started but I'e been going round finding some spots to add
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  14. Well I WAS planning a hub for smp7 but that is far gone until I get all my accounts back
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  15. ok no worries ^^ I still added you to the list as a work in progress

    It's ok Foxy ^_^ there's plenty of time for you to do it yet. I'm sure you'll be back in no time, hang in there.
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  16. Only SMP6, SMP7 and Utopia it seems don't have directories?
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  17. I'd be happy to do one on 6 once I'm back. would be v 12011 or +directory
    Already felt it was missing
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  18. Cool beans! ^_^ I can list yours like _FB_ 's as under construction for the time being. That's awfully nice of you ♡
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  19. kytula my directory is being made its will finish on friday or before
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  20. 95% done now puting up signs:)
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