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  1. +Deco sells a variety of Decorative Player Heads Ores and Nintendo Characters now available!
    Quality Heads in stock. New collections each month. /v +Deco on Utopia to see what's new!
    Decorative Player Heads

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Best Minecraft Servers

    Liven up your build, expand your head collection, or just wear them around town!
    They also make great gifts!

    ~ New designs released monthly ~


    Disclaimer: Many heads use pre-made skins available online; others are custom made for EMC.
  2. +Deco on Utopia!
    New Consolidated Showroom!
    +DECO offers a variety of different player heads and collections!

    +Deco Online Gallery
    Browse our in-game selection online!

    Best Minecraft Servers

  3. Best Minecraft Servers
    +Deco has decided to open up a forum for sending in head submissions!
    We have prided ourselves on making sure each month has quality heads that people would enjoy using on their lot. With that we realized that sometimes we might not have heads that people are looking for.
    With this lovely word bubble below you are allowed to send in a request for heads. Be warned that if your head isnt chosen a specific month we might already have something planned out and will get to it soon.
    Best Minecraft Servers

    Heads that have been suggested and are in the process of being added:
    Sand and Obsidian
    different insects
    different kinds of sushi
    Solid Ore Blocks
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  4. Player Gallery

    We LOVE seeing and hearing how players are using their deco heads!
    Check out these ideas below or send us one of your own!


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  6. Cleaning up the thread a bit, and wanted to hold on to some of our comments :)

    Information found in this section may be out-dated.

    Video courtesy of B4DMAN5IMON

    There are multiple accounts that get their names and skins changed each month. The heads are then farmed and renamed, and the process is repeated each month. That way each name has only one skin to reference, meaning it doesn't break. Our results doing it this way have been 100% glitch free to date. I cannot guarantee, however, that future updates will not break them.

    Shops should always be stocked! One of our rules for +deco vendors is that they must keep their chests stocked. Any heads listed on our thread will be in stock or removed from the page.
    New sets will be available on the first(ish) of each month.

    Yes! +Deco accepts vendors at most shops! Players must farm their head so they do not break and keep their chests stocked. To request a stall at +Deco, please start a conversation with the shop owner (different per SMP.)
    I'd be glad to, the more the merrier! I try to advertise quite a bit (hopefully not too often for anyone ) both in game and by bumping my thread. I also like my thread and adverts to be nice and organized and easy for people to see what I'm selling. I like to get a nice image of each month's heads. I've also worked with friends who have busy shops in order to set up displays where there's high traffic.

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  7. Empty Space.... how exciting!
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  8. Reserved for future post
  9. interestng :)
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  10. Just got a sneaky peak at next months heads! They are brilliant.
    I'm certainly going to donate to the cause and buy some heads when I get a spare moment.
    Keep up the good work!
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  11. would be interesting to see things like little cargo heads or chests/bookshelves. things like those XD will be helping out by purchasing i do like the arrows though will come in handy
  12. I'm spending way too much on this :3 Thanks CeeDee c:
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  14. Awww bye bye rupees T_T

    Lol thank you for feeding my addiction CDJS ♡
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  15. Awesome job!

    You are so limited when it comes to decorating your homes. It's nice to see a service like this!
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  16. Love it already got the whole June set..... can't wait for July! :)
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  17. Loving these so much. And since I am impatient, I decided to make a few myself using my alts (aka an owl). I also have a little brown bird to go with cami's bird house. :)
  18. Already got all of this month's XD
    Can't wait for August lel
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  19. I love the cars and houses! :D
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