Decorational Head Shop! 2 Heads Every Month!

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  1. HEYO! How's it?

    Good, I guess. Recently I have decided to finally put my alternate accounts to use! I have two alternate accounts. Here's the plan:
    1. Each month, rename each account.
    2. After the name change, the skin will be changed to have a new decorational head. This way, last month's head will still be the same on it's own.
    3. Sell the heads for the month.
    4. Repeat.

    Wait, so, what are these even for?!
    For fun! I find these decorational heads very fun and pretty, so I thought, why not make 'em? And so, I did.
    How can I get them?
    Why, very easily! Go to either /v EvKem or /v 11208 . There, you can see the shop right next to the opening of the tree in the middle of the residence. Each head is priced at 3000 rupees each. Now, this price might seem a bit crazy, and I may lower them next month, depending on how it works out. This price is only set because of the fact that they are for decoration and are very 'limited edition'.

    What is this month's theme?
    The theme for this month, August 2016, is 'Technology'! The heads for this month are:
    1. Computer Monitor
    2. Radio
    As requested, here is an image showing off this month's heads:
    Cool! Will you shut up now?
    Oh, uh, yeah, I guess. Please come visit the shop! It's pretty great. Also, if you want, please suggest what sort of heads or themes you would like to see next month! Bye!

    Also, if you want, this residence is also a player head display. If you have any player heads, please PM me! I'd really appretiate it. Bye, for real this time!
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  2. Good service ;)
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  3. Great idea! Will you take requests for next month's head design? If so, I'd love a fancy skull head, really detailed and not like the in-built Minecraft one.
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  4. Sounds like a plan. Glad you like the idea, too! I'll see some other requests and mull that one over. Maybe we can make a theme with that! Thanks for suggesting. Unfortunately the limit is two new heads every thirty days, because of the minecraft rename timer.
  5. Great! I can't wait. I found a skull that I kinda like on another server (Not naming). Kinda like these:
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  6. also, if possible, you should do themes. like for valentine a heart head
  7. This idea is so good, I was already doing it.
    The thing is these heads have to last a month, and so I don't think I'll be doing holidays, since they're normally just, like, one day. Thanks, though!
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  8. Can anyone use this process? Don't worry I not going to be entering the buisness I just want the heads for decoration
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  9. But of course! I really recommend it if you have a second account, especially. And if you do make some decor heads, let me know, I'll be interested too ;)
  10. Ok they are mainly for Carthaga
  11. Bumperoonie!
    The new heads for the month have been added! Come by and check 'em out!
  12. Ooh! Flowers?! Perfect I will be stopping by tomorrow ^_^
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  13. Can you do bulk discounts?
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  14. Fantastic! Thanks a whole lot ;)
    Uhm, I guess so, yeah! What quantity/type of heads were you thinking of buying? I can farm more for the next couple weeks.
  15. Are you still doing this?
  16. Sure thing. I have not been around much recently but I am planning on making a comeback. Taking suggestions for this month's heads.
  17. You could post pictures of the month's head and/or the ones you have on stock. It'd be much easier to check them out this way.
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  18. FOOD!
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  19. I can already see my rupees gone...
  20. Great idea! I'll do that.
    Okay! Got plans for the new heads now.
    At least they're not going to waste, haha!