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May 18, 2019
Mar 13, 2012
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I still run that old head museum. Worry not. Apr 29, 2019

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May 18, 2019
    1. EvKem
      I still run that old head museum. Worry not.
    2. EvKem
      The deco heads (shameless plug 11208) are going well this month.
    3. Burki
      A follow, a follow for you =3
      1. EvKem
        Why thank ya ;3c
        Feb 7, 2016
    4. EvKem
      Bada bing, bada boom, come getcha decorational playa 'eads.
    5. HannahEB
      Long time no see! How's things? :D
      1. EvKem
        Pretty good! You?
        Jan 29, 2016
      2. HannahEB
        Great thanks :D
        Jan 30, 2016
    6. EvKem
      Reaching 2,500 heads. Thanks everyone! I STILL NEED MORE THOUGH
    7. LeoV
      Heya buddy, here's a follow! :)
      1. EvKem likes this.
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      3. LeoV
        You've beheaded that many people? D:
        Sep 15, 2015
      4. EvKem
        Hahah, no! I don't ever PvP.
        Sep 15, 2015
      5. LeoV
        Phew. I was scared for a moment then. :)
        Sep 15, 2015
    8. khixan
      Heya, I had stepped away, saw your pm when I got back. What's up? Cheers
      1. EvKem
        Ah, just curious if you had any new heads right now. Wasn't important! But if you DO....
        Sep 6, 2015
    9. EvKem
      She doesn't want to grab coffee, but that's not the point.
    10. EvKem
      Do you write? Submit to the library. /v EvKem 4.
    11. kyukyu99
      heyy I can give you one of my Luckygreenbird head if you don't have one yet!
      1. EvKem
        I already have one, but thanks so much for the offer! I am making a list of the player and staff heads I own so I don't buy duplicates, which I am so prone to do. See you around!
        P.S. go trade heads with CJ on SMP3, he has a bunch and some dupes. Byeeee!
        Aug 20, 2015
      2. kyukyu99
        oh ok! I'm also making a trading head thread in forum (but I donnp when I can finish lol) thank you for telling me about CJ I definitely check it out! If you want to pick specific head, you can also visit my second res and there is SOME preview chest so you can pick kinds, I can sell them for you if I have dupe. :D (or I can trade if you have a head that I don't have)
        Aug 21, 2015
    12. Palmsugar
      I've been good, thanks! Thought I'd reply here instead of the forum thread. What have you been up to?? I see you've posted some nice drawings like your profile pic :3
      1. EvKem
        I've mostly been doing the same olds, but somehow Minecraft always stuck around as a part of my life. After like 2 years, I came back! I've also made sub-par art and animations.
        Aug 19, 2015
      2. Palmsugar
        sub-par ftw, it's worth making. Good to have you back! I'm sure you'll enjoy the new things like bunnies & banners :3
        Aug 19, 2015
    13. DarkModFallen
      Well I see you have found my mall. How much more you want to sell ???
    14. EvKem
      I would like your head. 10755.
    15. EvKem
      Auction Spree!
    16. EvKem
      Entering Palmsugar's art contest!!!
    17. EvKem
      About to make a Glass Auction!
    18. EvKem
      Just won a Mob Arena! Feeling great!
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