[Selling]Decorations Heads! (Ulti Inc.)

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  1. Currently, I'm only selling quartz block heads
    The idea is to have multiple heads in future, so be sure to check us out.
    Their price would be 1200r
    This heads won't change skins, so you don't need to worry about it
    You can suggest future skins via PM in the forums with the name [Idea]Head Skin or comment down bellow!
    Available almost on all /v +deco

    Heads that we have

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  2. These are a little pricy :( but I will think about it

    But plz do a cheeseburger I will pay 5k!
  3. Ill try to do the hamburger next, but im preety sure that someone else out there has that skin, and maybe he/she can give you the head... Anyways thanks for realizing my main point of making this shop! i made this shop so people could decorate, not get rich or antyhing. So i've dropped prices to 1200r(from 2100), i believe that;s an affordable price. Heads are time-consuming to get, so i believe is ok. Maybe prices will change in future(either up or down) but for now it will remain at 1200r

    Due to the price change, i send an extra copy to everyone who bought the heads, to compense for the price change, this will only happen in this one
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  4. ok that is beyond fair :) I would like to buy one plz will u mail it to me if I pay 2k?
  5. bump, more on stock!
  6. bump

    Current suggestions for next head is redstone block or a gaming console( probs is redstone block!) suggest more!
  7. Honestly i think you should re-raise the price because number 1 you have to repeatedly kill yourself, and 2 you have to actually make the head. Just a suggestion and my personal opinion. :)
  8. Nah, i can just afk to get them while i do homework, so it isnt that time consuming(i automized it completely), so im going to leave them at that price, a 2k head for decoration, is kinda expensive you know, 1k, is reasonable... =D
  9. Gotta get 1 when I log on tomorrow lol rip rupees spent over 20k in 1 day already buying decorative heads lol
  10. changing skin next month as when i changed it back to tuqueque, the new skin would had altered my original one(next name tuqueque2 or something, as tuqueque1 are the quartz)
  11. The new heads are out!

    can be got at /v +deco on smp8
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  12. I had the burger decor head and so did someone else, there could also be more people with that head all available at /v +deco

    Also ik this has been anwsered already i think but 1.2k rupees for these arent pricy at all :p Decor heads usually go around for 1k-1.5k. 1. Cause there awesome decoration blocks :D and 2. The player has to take time out of there own schedule to farm a lot of these heads for players to have in stock
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  13. bump for the new heads
  14. lets bump for anothe rtimezone this time, he he