[Selling]Decorations Heads! (Tuqueque's Heads@DECO)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Tuqueque, Apr 13, 2016.

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  2. These are a little pricy :( but I will think about it

    But plz do a cheeseburger I will pay 5k!
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  3. Ill try to do the hamburger next, but im preety sure that someone else out there has that skin, and maybe he/she can give you the head... Anyways thanks for realizing my main point of making this shop! i made this shop so people could decorate, not get rich or antyhing. So i've dropped prices to 1200r(from 2100), i believe that;s an affordable price. Heads are time-consuming to get, so i believe is ok. Maybe prices will change in future(either up or down) but for now it will remain at 1200r

    Due to the price change, i send an extra copy to everyone who bought the heads, to compense for the price change, this will only happen in this one
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  4. ok that is beyond fair :) I would like to buy one plz will u mail it to me if I pay 2k?
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  5. bump, more on stock!
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  6. bump

    Current suggestions for next head is redstone block or a gaming console( probs is redstone block!) suggest more!
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  7. Honestly i think you should re-raise the price because number 1 you have to repeatedly kill yourself, and 2 you have to actually make the head. Just a suggestion and my personal opinion. :)
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  8. Nah, i can just afk to get them while i do homework, so it isnt that time consuming(i automized it completely), so im going to leave them at that price, a 2k head for decoration, is kinda expensive you know, 1k, is reasonable... =D
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  9. Gotta get 1 when I log on tomorrow lol rip rupees spent over 20k in 1 day already buying decorative heads lol
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  10. changing skin next month as when i changed it back to tuqueque, the new skin would had altered my original one(next name tuqueque2 or something, as tuqueque1 are the quartz)
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  11. The new heads are out!

    can be got at /v +deco on smp8
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  12. I had the burger decor head and so did someone else, there could also be more people with that head all available at /v +deco

    Also ik this has been anwsered already i think but 1.2k rupees for these arent pricy at all :p Decor heads usually go around for 1k-1.5k. 1. Cause there awesome decoration blocks :D and 2. The player has to take time out of there own schedule to farm a lot of these heads for players to have in stock
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  13. bump for the new heads
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  14. Hello people! I started doing a mini series of deco heads for solid colors and these are what i have done! I need more colors from you guys!

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  15. Added Red Wine to the To-Do list, any other suggestions?
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  16. How do you auto kill yourself?
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  17. It's a head farm friend
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  18. Could u do a couple heads that have 18262 on them also do u have an smp9 ones
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  19. Bed, water stream, drop, repeat

    Ill gladly do it, if you want custom colors or designs, but some @Deco mates are doing alphanumeric stuff already (in Stone, wood, and quartz i think) If you would like a custom design please shoot me a PM!
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  20. Can I have them in emerald colours?