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  1. Hi gang!

    You probably know the drill; you visit a slightly unfamiliar SMP server and you wonder what shops might be present here.. Of course you could simply do what a lot of us do: /v +shop, or /v +mall, but unfortunately that doesn't always work out too good. Try using those commands to find a shop which buys products from players for example. And that's not even including those residences which have a shop tag, yet no shop.

    Well, following an example set by SMP4 you can now use the same command on SMP2 which may help you find your way around.

    /v +directory

    Introducing the SMP2 shopping directory:

    Please note: this is all work in progress right now. We're still busy building but I just had to show off a bit, even if it is a bit prematurely ;)

    How does it work?

    We categorized the shops and put up an overview at the residence entrance. This is all work in progress, but right now our categories are as follows:
    • Malls
      • Should be obvious enough: big shops which have a large variety of items.
    • Buying shops
      • Will only list shops which are buying items from the players.
    • Animal shops
      • Looking for a cute bunny or a ferocious wolf? This is the area to go for.
    • Horse shops
      • Apparently horses aren't animals, but noble creatures which everyone needs ;) So we added a separate category for these.
    I know, I know: your shop isn't a mall, doesn't buy items, and also has no animals. Not to worry, it willbe listed in our directory sooner or later. As said; we're still very busy working out the categories.

    So now that you found a category which you're interested in all you need to do is follow the coloured wool:

    At the end you'll find a message board which contains a (brief) overview of the shop and a teleport sign leading to it.

    Credit where credit's due...

    Special thanks goes out to:
    • KaliaLlama who maintains a /v +directory on SMP4, which gave us the idea.
    • SMP5's woolmart (/v +woolmart on SMP5); a very good place to get coloured wool. Run by Kyzoy and NZScruffy.
      • Apologies for not adding you guys straight away, it was kind of late here and I know several locations from mind, but not always the people behind it.
    • All the people from SMP2, they inspired this idea.
    .... more news coming up soon!
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  2. Getting your shop added to the directory

    As of right now we're basing the whole thing on /res list +shop, followed by /res list +mall and later on we'll find other tags to list. So as of right now the plan is to add as many shops as possible, so if you already got a shop then chances are high that it'll find its way into our directory soon enough.

    Once that is all done we'll set up a decent way for (new) players to point our attention to their shop.
  3. Neato.

    I may stop by here in the future.
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  4. Awesome. There's a few of these on smp3 and some other server, this really helps! Might stop by later.:)
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  5. Awesome! I love these, because I keep forgetting that one shop I like :p

    There's also one on smp1, at 2112, owned by Kytula. :)
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  6. This is great! thanks shelL! I was just always using poof or u to buy/sell all I need but this is great!
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  7. Thanks for pointing my attention to that, I'll add her next as well. In my opinion all those deserve extra attention.

    True story: /v +poof was one of the first shops we added.
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  8. Gave it two tries.
    1st, went to public villager trading, there were only a couple of villagers and no interesting trades.
    2nd, went to specialty shops "bulk buying". There was nothing on the res but a few sheep.
  9. remember shelL said they just started so calm down and (a) help and give feedback less rude (b) don't use it and therefor don't whine.

    either way stop being rude to shelL
  10. My feedback was not rude, it was concise and neutral.

    The only judgemental part was my calling the villager trades "uninteresting", which I think most would agree with. (It is a nice looking village, however.)

    It was rabbits I found at bulk buying instead of sheep.
  11. ok fine I was a little trigger happy sorry :)
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  12. Neat, Neat, neat! :D I must check it out when or if i can, Otherwise, Good and great job! Well done! :D
  13. I have no idea what you're talking about. Villagers are not an included category, nor is bulk buying. At the time of writing our categories are as mentioned above plus 'regular shops' & 'small shops'.

    I can also guarantee that all the teleport signs on the directory (time of writing) lead to actual shops. Are you sure you went to SMP2 and not another server?
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  14. This is awesome! I didn't know about the 1 existing on smp4 already. I'm going to be stopping by both very soon for ideas on improving my teleport hub. Also adding that tag when I next log in ^_^

    Thanks so much for doing this. I love seeing things like this done purely for the purpose of helping out the community.
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  15. Um...no. I went to SMP4, as clearly written in your directions.


    Sorry for the confusion. :D
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  16. Ah ok, but that's not our doing ;) We got the idea from them, but this is the SMP2 variant :)

    And it still needs plenty of building because right now some things work but it's kind of ugly. But we're working on it (just not today, today it was time to go fishing ;))
  17. EnderMagic1 and sirtah have both started their own separate directory / TP hubs on SMP8 ^_^

    Yay! More players doing good towards the community.
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  18. This project still sits on my todo list. I think I'm going to try and make some good progress today. That and a little mining.