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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by chrisisaboss91, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. this is just a suggestion dont over react about it if its a bad idea.
    on your res you can type /res set monster true
    then at night zombies, spiders, skellys, and creepers can spawn but they cannot go out of your res (invisable monster wall for every res.)
    again JUST a suggestion
    but you dont get drops or XP from the monsters
    and other people cant be hurt if they come on your res
    monsters can stay ONLY on your res
    also you cant eggify and your stuff DOES NOT drop if someone is within 200 blocks of you
  2. If this was put in, the enchantment and grinder building parts of the economy would tank.
  3. Hmm interesting but it would be a Griefers home world due to Griefers blowing up chests with creepers and stealing, just a suggestion
  4. Town's safe/mob free. This is just a pretty pointless way of causing the mob cap to be hit. No thanks for me, I don't like the idea.
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  5. i think it would be good for mob practice on your tactics
    and a little fun ^_^
  6. updated again
  7. Wheres that bear?
    Also. No.
    Death in town is something i never want. Also, if my stuff didnt drop when someones close by id be pissed! I dont wanna loose my stuff to some mob in town and be interupted from building at night. If you want mob practice, go to the wild....
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  8. Yea it will be sooo fun when a creeper blows you up.
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  9. why not just place a bed on your res
  10. and yes it will be fun
  11. Its a lame idea. The town will NEVER EVER have Hostile Mobs. It will be an easy way of getting xp.
  12. how-about-no-bear.jpg
    Oh! here it is!
  13. whatever i think it a good idea
  14. I know how you can see it as a good idea, and i know how your looking at it as a good idea, but people dying in town is something that should never happen :/
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  15. The one thing I'd want from this is being able to build snow golems and iron golems in town. That'd be worth hostile mobs at night, I think! Anyway, the res(es?) aren't that giant, it'd be easy to light it up and stop the spawning.
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  17. Let me ask you this: Why would anyone want monsters on their res, if they can't have the XP or drops?
  18. To scare noobs, of course! :p
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