[ SUGGESTION ] Ability to give or revive rupees on the site

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by tanino, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Please post your thoughts below
  2. I like this
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  3. Same here, I have always wanted this as then I can pay someone without going in game!
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  4. I thought about that, but if someone gots in your EMC account, and not your MC account than all your rupees will be gone
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  5. What? I can revive rupees? Haha jk I know what you mean. My standpoint is somewhere around Marknaaijer's.
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  6. Ya I am always traveling so it will be useful to me
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  7. U mean on the EMC website?
  8. Yeah, I thought about this idea, but than thought that it wouldn't do more good than not good things.
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  9. Good idea, but what do ou mean by "Revive"?
  10. Oh crap I need a spell check lol
  11. Oh, lol now I see.
  12. It could be helpful if your minecraft account got hacked, and you wanted to send all of your money to your alt... Actually, if this existed right now, I would be using it for that exact purpose. :mad: My alt got hacked, but I can still log onto the forums with it.
  13. According to Justin (last time this was suggested) he has it on his VERY long to do list. :)
  14. how about another password just got the rupees section
  15. This is likely going to happen and hopefully within this year. The scenario of someone using it where they don't have access to your mc account is very unlikely and not reason of concern enough to abort the idea.
  16. I would love this
  17. I really like this, but, you must login with an OTHER password!
  18. I like this It would also help if you got banned and wanted to give your res and rupees to your friend