New Perks/Ideas for voting

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Should We Hvae New Perks for Voting

Yes 18 vote(s) 90.0%
No 2 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. I think that 50r for voting isn't that much of an inventive for people to vote. It shouldbe something like an intake item or more rupees. And when more people vote it could bring new players onto our servers. Mabey 1 diamond if you vote. This will bring back people and help us get to #1. and mabey sometimes we could have a thing that if everybody votes at least once in one month we all get 500r. anyways just an idea to get EMC #1


    Send Me a PM with a picture showing that you have voted and I Will Give You A Slime Ball the next time we are both online at once
  2. Most people don't even know about voting for rupees. :/
  3. That's why we need better Perks
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  4. You spelled wrong "have" so I voted No. JK
  5. It isn't easy typing on an iPad
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  6. Not really. Statistics are one thing, but they are just a number. At heart we already know we are the best out there. We are able to improve our community just by listening to eachothers ideas. We are able to work together to keep EMC alive. This family will never be gone. New family members come and go all the time, but the family name always sticks by. The Empire can live on without being known as number 1 on some voting site.
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  7. But we cou
    The family of EMC is great but do you rember about 200 days ago when the servers were always full and people kept trying to go on. I rember when I wasn't even a gold supporter how I would see 59/60 and race to click the bottom to join Play
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  8. i have seen servers give like 10 diamonds for voting and their high lets not give 10 but give at least 1 of 2 and advertise some more!! look at the top servers go on they have things saying vote vote vote emc nothing on their website vote vote vote emc nothing!! we need to increase this! were massive together and we can win think about how many people will see 1 ad on emc
  9. Now he gets the point I am trying to get at
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  10. thanks its true though and im with you!! ProStarter has started the fight with you!!
  11. I voted "yes" mainly because EMC needs #1
  12. nice zombie!!
  13. Periods please its so hard to read things without them you know what i mean they really help thanks!!

    P.S. The "!!" is an ok start.
  14. Can you just put the slimeballs in a chest for the person?
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  15. I suggest doing the in-game tip thing telling how and where to vote + that it should say what reward you would get. But as it's only 50rupees, only poor people will vote, or those who want EMC to the top (as me). I think the reward either should be more rupees, as 100 for each vote, or a couple diamonds. I don't really one single diamond would do enough, as you can buy one diamond at a shop for about 50-60 rupees.
  16. Ok I'll put an access chest army 2nd Res on Smp
  17. I've seen a server giving 150 DIAMONDS, you can imagine how their economy is. Still Justinguy or ICC need to do some advertising that people can really vote, and that they do get free rupees. I bet barely anyone know they can vote! :(
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  18. Yes I think ill pm ice cream cow
  19. Good idea, hopefully he or justin will do something with the voting soon :3