rupee "cents"

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  1. I know this may be unneeded, but it would be cool, cents or percentages of a rupee, so on a shop sign it may have it like this:
    B 34.50
    just a little add-on to the economy
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  2. This is a good idea but it doesnt add much to the game.
  3. We actually USED to have this and ended up going to whole numbers. I forgot the exact reason, but it had to do, I believe with maximizing the way chest shops work.
  4. yes I do guess so
  5. 100 paisa is 1 rupee, in Pakistan/India.

    But, no... I don't think this is necessary - it would make things more complicated and confusing.

    If you really must sell diamonds for 34-and-a-half, sell two for 69.