[1.3 SUGGESTION] EMC Adventure Mode Server

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  1. Title pretty much says it all, a whole adventure mode for emc, a storyline :)
    So from what i understand of adventure mode coming out in 1.3 is players cant break blocks, but they can use stuff (doors, chests, levers ect)
    So the mods would build a "custom world" with a story line and all, maybe add levels that kinda stuff and yeah i think you all should get the picture by now.
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  2. It's just like Adventure maps.

    It'd be nice.
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  3. and adding levels to this could add a new leader board e.g killerbyte12 lvl 13
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  4. Empire Minecraft: Skyrim
  5. yea good idea
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  6. Also if you beat certain levels you can earn rupees! Or diamonds, ores, wood etc!
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  7. Nice idea maybe have a contest for best adventure map of the week? or month?? lots of prizes
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of the mods would make the map, not the players, unless of course they were invited to help. So EMC would have a Server just like the smp ones but set to adventure.
    You do the quests, earn stuff outa chests (i think the blocks you find in chests you can build with)
  9. not giving much away, but come to 3153
  10. thats modding the client they cant do that
  11. looks like a town built off many res's but whats this got to do with the suggestion?
  12. I said I'm not giving anything away, but stay tuned...
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  13. Hell, YES! It would be awesome if everyone can create an adventure in a 60x60 lot! ;)
  14. I honestly don't agree. I think it could be hooked up kinda like logblock, so public build but you can only destroy what you place. This would require no clientside interaction.
  15. its changing the game though so its not vanillia
  16. That doesn't mean it would have to be clientside. No, if an adventure server was made then it wouldn't be 100% vanilla I think because the maps aren't vanilla. However, neither are rupees. It would simply be a modification to help the server be run.

    Another way to run this is to instance the worlds, so multiple people can be playing the same map but on different worlds.
  17. Hmm,Yes but Mods can't make big adventure maps in little time. I like the idea of some sort of poll thing that allows players to vote which adventure map they'd like to play for a certain Week.

    So it keeps things fresh with the adventure thing instead of using the same map.
  18. If you'll be playing the same map but alone,it wouldn't be multiplayer.
  19. I was talking about groups.

    For example: you get a team together of say 4 (the map limits the amount of people) and those 4 people share are world, but they don't share it with any other team. That way, you get to play with your friends on a map that is 'yours'.