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  1. just an idea i was on smp5 earlier and we were all talking and we thought it would be cool if every server could have its own teamspeak
  2. Elaborate, please.
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  3. This has been spoken of before, and "EMC" (Aikar) has his own mumble that is public. IP is i believe
  4. ok thanks
  5. also how would i elaborate
  6. Yes we've talked about this before, and I currently have a public mumble with a channel for each server.

    Mumble will likely be the official software once we get something setup, as we are able to integrate it better into the EMC community than any other program.

    Plus its free unlike all of the other options... (TeamSpeak is not free for EMC to use)
  7. cool thanks for imforming me about that :)
  8. I'm on the website now. Do I download it, and then put in the ip
  9. Yes, you will add a server (collapse all the public ones in the server browser, to reduce confusion), and put and leave port alone (leave it empty if its empty)

    And then connect and thats simply it.

    After first install, you will need to go through the wizard to configure the program to your computer, and get the settings fine tuned.

    Just follow the instructions on screen and its simple.

    and download mumble from
  10. Ok, thanks a lot
  11. how many people are on the mumble thing? I'd advert it on the mainpage :). More people the better I guess :p I use Skype and Teamspeak might as well use Mumble
  12. I just got it set up and in all there were three people on (including me) so I think some adverts would do wonders
  13. I'd be impressed if I had the honor to talking to Aikar himself :). He's my idol of the wildy and good fiancee :p ;)
  14. What is Mumble
  15. Mumble is a voicecom program(allows you to speak(not chat) with others through this program while playing/etc)
  16. btw mikeguy, dont just jump of next time :p Sorry we didnt talk more when u were on, but was working hard and fast on a surprise so couldnt talk much :p
  17. No no it wasn't because you guys weren't talking I was just checking to make sure it worked right since I had just installed it, I wasn't even playing Minecraft at the time haha.
  19. alright m8, but dont be a stranger :) Some of us are bound to be online most of the time, and voicecom beats chatting any day
  20. Max and I have been slacking on being on mumble lately, been real busy.. but well try to get back on each day again.