[Forum Idea] "Option to Delete Fail/Old/Locked Threads"

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Deleting Threads? Good Idea or Bad? (Don't worry I have multiple answers)

GOOd Idea 15 vote(s) 75.0%
GOod Idea 3 vote(s) 15.0%
GoOd Idea 2 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. Title says it all. Leave your answers to why you wouldn't want this in the comments sections below.
    Be more efficient and deleting old/locked/embarrising/fail threads would also clean up the number of dead threads in the forums. Hope you liked the idea. If you did drop it a like, if you didn't like this idea, again, tell me why. See you guys soon. :)
    ~ IamSaj
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  2. Were's the 'Terrible Idea!' button?
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  3. That would be good. I accidentally posted a thread with a screenshot of me with my coords in te wild!!!! I just edited on imgur since u can't edit the posts, but that would have been best. Good idea
  4. It's usually not a good idea to just outright delete threads.

    Google indexes it all for search, and while it might not be relevant to you, it could be relevant to someone in the future (such as guides and such)

    Nothings more irritating than finding a google result with very good possibility it will solve your problem, then click the link and get 404...

    we do delete threads that serve absolutely no purpose.
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  5. PM a mod if it that important.
  6. Have the thread owner have the ability to lock the thread??
  7. IamSaj, what embarrassing thread did you make lately?
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  8. All of you guys know this was a SUGGESTION right?
  9. :p