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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by YOU12MAEC, Jul 21, 2012.

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  1. Can we possibly get an application on the forums to send in a report instead of going in game or sending a pm to a moderator and waiting 24 hours for a response, all of the submissions will go to the square where any moderator online can pick and handle the case.
  2. I actually support this.

    When people want to report something, they might see there's only one moderator on and so they start compiling their report to that moderator. Sometimes by the time the conversation is started by the reporter, that moderator has gone offline and it won't be seen again for a good long while.

    All detailed reports, as opposed to those made from within the game, should be consolidated in one place for any staff member to review at any time.

    For all we know, something like this could be in the works, but it's worth mentioning anyway.
  3. Mind if I include what you wrote into the main post?
  4. You can do what you like, but it would be a bit strange to see it twice right next to each other.
  5. True, never mind about that and if you like the idea you should like the post. :3
  6. BUMP, anyone else like it?
  7. I love this idea!

    OT but y did you put -move on ur res?
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  8. For a reason, you can PM me on the site if you want to speak about it. My thread that is on a different topic is not the place to discuss it.
  9. I've actually already got plans to resolve this...

    One of the first things I got access to (but not setup yet to actually do work on) was Square. So I will be doing some improvements to our Square tool.

    One idea i've been pushing for a while before I even stepped up for dev responsibilities was to add a web interface to reports.

    The idea is, you can /report from in game, and itll give you a link to click to go to the web to then add more data to the report, such as screenshots and more details.

    So you could also just report someone from the web UI too w/o the ingame part... exactly as you asked.

    I also plan to incorporate ban appeals into Square, and block banned players from the forums and force them to the ban appeal system, where ALL moderators can see it (though well still have the same "the mod who banned you" policy, but if that mod is afk, gives others insight that someone may need to step in to talk/handle it for them)

    Got ALOT of ideas planned... just gotta wait until Justin is back on his feet IRL to then get me setup properly.

    My brain = idea engine.

    Edit: for clarity, i'm talking about adding "non staff" sections to square, but may be its own section on site instead. don't know..
  10. My brain=....
  11. BUMP for newer administration to see ;)
  12. 1. Holy mother of bump.
    2. From this point, I'd say things are different now, plenty more staff, so plenty able to habdle in game reports etc. and you can just include more staff members in the conversation if things require a PM on site.
  13. The thing that i do if i need help i start a pm with staff thats already online, or just random ones that are more active
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  14. I think it's a good idea. Even with more staff, it still takes a while for things to happen if you only PM one or two staff members. I think if you submitted a report on the site, and a staff member sees it, they can then create a PM with you to get even more information.

    And it'd also be handy for when you can't get in game. And it'd be even better if you could do it without having to be logged into the site.
  15. Closing thread due to confusion....

    I will add on behalf of staff that we try to be available. The ingame reporting system exists for reporting ingame issues like griefing etc. Forum reporting is meant to report inappropriate threads/comments.

    As for pm'ing multiple staff. I try to respond to all pm's in a timely manner but staff have lives outside of emc and sometimes can't get to the computer. Best thing is to include multiple staff members and be patient.
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