Chest Death

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  1. You know when you have that clumsy moment and you accidentally fall into lava? Or for example say there is someone who breaks the rules and decides to pvp you with fire or lava there should be a way that if you have a chest in your inventory, a sign, and like 1,500 rupees there will be a double locked chest where you died. I would very much rather have this then loosing my stuff and then having to get all my stuff back. Note this is just a suggestion please give me your feedback.
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  2. I like this idea but what if someone doesnt want their stuff saved? Either way i like this idea :D
  3. If they dont want their stuff saved don't carry a 2 chests and sign in your inventory.
  4. its not vanilla but its worth it guys
  5. It helps protect you even if it is not vanilla a lot of people would like it to prevent the rude -Insert your word- who do stuff like pvp you on a no pvp server.
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  6. There have been discussions about mods like this in the past. They usually get turned down pretty quickly, as this isn't vanilla minecraft. It's a game :) you win sometimes, you lose sometimes. When you die, learn from it and move on.
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  7. This should be added, simply amazing!!
  8. Yes but these pvp'ers are rarely caught, let alone any of your stuff refunded.
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  9. that would be VERY helpful
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  10. Since you guys like it you should like the main post :) Also please give some feedback on what you think about this being added and what charges or fees would apply every time this was used cause it can't be free.