Auction Rules

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  1. just noticed they had been changed. my suggestion is to get lax on some of these rules here is why:

    I can sell Diamonds only if I have an entire double chest full of diamonds. that's 3,456 Diamonds, even at the low end of the scale in a shop you are going to get around 100k for that. it's doubtful that any one person would want to bid that much on the auction because no one person probably needs that many diamonds.

    so being able to do a double chest of "ores" or whatever where you mix it up a bit would be more useful and you'd get a better bang for your buck

    just an idea and it's probably been brought up before and shot down so you can just close this if it has
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  2. The point of auctions is only for the bulk of items. We did get a little lax already as in the past we only allowed dragon eggs and enchanted items. We have to remain a bit strict on them as people would otherwise try and sneak in things that weren't allowed (ie. having a crappy item with a "bonus" grinder (not allowed to auction).

    We do still have the marketplace where you can sell mixed chests of whatever you like though. :)
  3. yeah but in the marketplace you can't have people bid on it, you just have to set a price
  4. You could ask what they'd be willing to pay and then sell it.
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  5. You can also accept the best offers. :) I even think the rules being relaxed already aren't too great - so many posts. Before the auction ban we had people selling a stack of chicken eggs in auctions and loads more like it, so be grateful! ;)