(SUGGESTION) New/Repoping Wilderness

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  1. Could you please use MCEdit and make the wilderness new or repopped? it is too ravaged and destroyed.. way to hard to find anything
  2. They already said it wouldn't be a wild reset for this 1.3.1 upcoming update.
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  3. If you actually want to find things. You'll need to go to REALLY REALLY REALLY FAR AWAY land :p
  4. The state of the wilderness is the responsibility of the players. We must take it upon ourselves to restore and maintain the ravaged wastes by filling in holes, tearing down dirt pillars and replanting trees.
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  5. You don't need to go "REALLY REALLY REALLY FAR" you need to walk about 5 minutes and start mining/digging/farming/chopping down and it's as simple as that. People just don't want to do the work.
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  6. smp9 is impossible to fix, and people use mods to find diamond, so you cant find anything
  7. That's why I said Far Far away. To somewhere far enough that's not explored..

    And I think there's security against Mods.Like it doesn't allow you to use them.
  8. No, you can still use them. There is no sensor showing you are using something. It would make the server to laggy.
  9. Let's just clarify that statement by saying you are permitted to use officially accepted mods, not just any mods.
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  10. It would be nice if the periodic reset areas got periodically reset. That was the argument for resetting the wilderness last time we had a major update.

    There have been other good recommendations for keeping things around the wilderness spawns fresh.
  11. Yea thank you, I just re-read what I wrote, and it came out wrong. lol
  12. There was an issue with the coding for the Periodic reset areas when the height limit was raised. Which is the reason that hasn't been done since the last Wild Reset. A total wild reset (as was talked about numerous times in the 1.3 reset threads) is unnecessary; and would make more people upset than happy. I am confident that this is very high priority on Justin's to do list when he gets stabilized in (I think it was a month from now)
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  13. Yeah, people keep forgetting about us Wild Outposts. (LLO, PPO)
  14. If you want a good successful mine, go in an outpost, then walk, and walk, and walk, and boat ride, until you are so far out that only 1 or 2 people go that far a month. :p
  15. I first ride a boat, for about 1 hour, then sprint halfway across the world of Minecraftia until I'm in the black zone. Then I build underground. Mission Accomplished.
  16. You Could also just use a way point IF you have Rei's Minimap