Need for a wild spawn button

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  1. I think that there should be a command in the wild that effectively kills you in the wild so that if you want to go to town and its a hoalf hour walk you can instantly. You would drop all your stuff when you use this command so it dosent affect the vinalla part of the game.
  2. Jump in lava! Or carry a bunch of harming potions!
  3. Dig 24 blocks of a 1x1x24 dirt column.. Jump.. or If it's night just look at endermans and hug creepers.
  4. But you go to your bed spawn
  5. Oh,I've actually NEVER used a bed before. But what I read of the wiki. If you destroy your bed you go to your first spawn point
  6. That means: the town spawn
  7. Drown yourself, guaranteed to work 99.99% of the time.
  8. lol where the other percent? :p
  9. That .01% chance you're Biscuitboy5396
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  10. There's a 0.01% chance that you'll be teleported to Minecraft Narnia. *starts killing self in wild like crazy*
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  11. He he he *Picks up diamond armor and tools*
  12. Waiting till Night and have creeper hug feast :D
  13. Respiration diamond armour helmet ;)
  14. lol Ohhh ! you got me there cause i totally forgot about that :p
  15. You can't kill yourself with potons? :confused:
  16. Dispenser, stand in front and...
  17. Destroy your bed and then kill yourself. :)
    Then take the long walk back to where you had your bed.
    What you are asking for may soon be available... :)
    I don't have specifics yet but if you read this post, you will have some information. ;)
    "We'll make more announcements in the near future, but look forward to live map feature updates, protection updates & more unique ways to travel far and wide in the wild!"