double xp

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  1. you should have double xp for like the special days e.g. holidays 4th of july and saints patrick day
  2. but then people with xp grinders would have like 600000000 xp
  3. no unless they have 10000000 grinders
  4. whats wrong with that?
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  5. I should look into it, I am not sure how easy or hard this would be :)
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  6. WoW these days im gonna have fun at my double blaze Grinder :b
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  7. step one if you dont have a grinder
    go to the wild at night on a holiday
    2. find mobs
    3. have them chase you to the spawn
    4. kill them take no damage
    5. :D
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  8. This is VERY hard for me because i need a grinder bcuz my grinder is on utopia :(