Bring tamed wolves to wild

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Should wolves be allowed in the wild

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Yes 6 vote(s) 54.5%
No 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. I find this really annoying sometimes,when I want to fight mobs in the wild and bring wolves with me but for some reason it wouldn't let me.i tried searching it in the guide nothing,emailing they told me to eggify them but of I do that my wolves would be untamed!i hope EMC could let wolves(maybe ocelots I never tried )come to the wild,especially when I want to be there for a while,I want company.please make it so that wolves could come to the wil.

    P.S if there is a reason plz tell me,thx
  2. This is why Eggification was introduced. It just means you have to pay every time you want to bring your wolves back from the wilderness. There really is no alternative.
  3. Alternatively, you make a base in the wild, and leave a pack of wolves out there to join you every time you go out
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  4. Wolves are allowed in the wild its just that

  5. I actually support this.The ability to let your PET wolves follow you from Town to wild.and viseversa

    EDIT: Without having to make him a baby again and feeding him a bone and paying 100r per wolf
    Or waiting for it to grow up when you un egged him in the wild.
  6. Just buy some bones and bring them with you, you should have them for bone meal anyways:)
  7. wait if you egg them in protected spawn does it cost 100r?
  8. Then you'll have to wait 1-3 Minecraft days for them to be adult and not die in one hit.. and then pay 100r per wolf when you come back
  9. Dont bring them back. Its cheaper to re-buy them in town along with bones, and then bring the eggs with when you go back to the wild.
  10. I don't actually mind the 30r or 100r. The thing is when you un-egg them you need to wait 1-3 mc days for them to be fully grown.

    But I guess bonesabre's suggestion also work but meh.
  11. egging requires build perms and since you dont have build perms in the protected areas, you cannot eggify any mobs there.