Using signs to sell teleports within a res

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  1. I have seen many residences that offer the ability to use a building or structure that someone has made. I have seen water slides, mazes, games etc etc. I have also seen signs that indicate the owner would like to charge users for playing on/with/in their creations. However, there is no way to do this at the moment without the owner being online.

    What about a new type of shop sign that will charge you the price on the sign to teleport you to another location in the same res when you click on it? That might add some additional encouragement for people to create cool stuff for others to use.

    P.S. I know the fun park is awesome, it's free, and I love using it, but I think this would encourage people to build similarly awesome places to visit.
  2. Only problem is, people would abuse this somehow. People ALWAYS find a way to abuse stuff. Very good idea though!
  3. So your only problem with this idea is that there might be a problem with it?

    Don't all ideas have that problem?
  4. Well, it seems easy to trick noobs. Like make a whole ton of signs, or maybe Make one right beind a piston door or something. Or be sneaky and put one above a chest.
  5. I'm pretty sure it would be easy to make the teleport payment signs no harder to fool noobs with than regular shop ones. I'm not really sure what you think might happen.
  6. I dont think it would be. And it coul always be a fake teleport, unlike a shop.
  7. Then you aren't thinking hard enough ;).

    At the simplest level, paid teleport signs could be limited to teleporting you two blocks behind the sign. Then you know exactly where you will be teleported to, and good builders will allow you to see where you will land with glass. Nobody is making you click on the signs.
  8. I have thought of something like this. It would work with everything affected by the use flag and it could be tele porters too. It would be laid out like this on a sign:
    |mba2012 |
    |1 |
    |20 |
    So on the first line your username, second line the number of uses, third line the cost and on the fourth line maybe you could put someone else's username so they can access it with out paying. If you have use flag or what ever you could use it with out paying.
  9. I like this idea.

    How about this:
    Do /res tpsign [res id] [price],
    then place down your sign & plate

    Now when someone steps on the pressure plate it should say

    "You will be paying 9001 rupees to salesman200 in return for a teleport to
    x 91863
    y 256
    z -4921

    Please type /teleport confirm to confirm this transaction."

    And then if they type /teleport confirm it takes rupees from their account, gives them to the person who created the plate, and then teleports them.

    Also, I pulled those coordinates out of thin air.
    9001.. well, you know where that came from.
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  11. It said some threads. I assumed this would be a valuable addition to the thread. I'm not just saying "thanks", I'm actually adding something new.
  12. level 10 reply. that is such a great idea! (follows)
  13. Good idea.

    I'm thinking if this could be accomplished with a special teleport sign.
    It would look like this

    | [M4nic_M1ner]
    | -456,45,-567
    | B 15
    | Teleport

    There would be message like with enchanted items ...
    "click again to confirm purchase".

    Drawback - the orientation would not be set (player would keep
    the current orientation and view angle)

    Or perhaps like this (two signs one above or below the other,
    or even side to side or [Teleport] behind the "shop-sign")

    | [M4nic_M1ner]
    | B 15
    | Teleport

    | [TELEPORT]
    | -456,45,-567
    | 33.456789
    | 22.34567

    While thinking about that (but this would be a separate suggestion
    and would need more thought):

    | [M4nic_M1ner]
    | B 15
    | Access