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  1. I think that a new supporter perk should be that they have a longer time they can not be on the server before their residence resets. If this was implemented, that would be a reason that I would become a supporter.
  2. Um - as long as you are a support of ANY kind - your res does NOT get reset...


    Also I suggest a read of the Guide.
  3. Correct. Welcome to becoming a supporter (eventually). :)

    As long as you're an ACTIVE supporter, you could be gone for a whole year, and come back to your res being like it was when you left. :)
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  4. You can also message moderators when you're away for a long time and they will add you a few days more ;)
  5. I did read the guide
  6. He makes an excellent point. Though its on the supporter page, there probably needs to be a mention of the benefits of supporter on this line:

    Derelict Residences

    Any player who does not sign-in to any Empire server for a period of 10 days, will have their residence reset and reclaimed. More information can be found in the Derelict Policy section.

    Edit: Actually, it doesn't appear to mention the derelict policy not applying to supporters on the derelict policy page, the supporter upgrade page, or what I've put above.

    Good find!
  7. I remember when i first joined the server as diamond supporter people told me 'Welcome to the dark side' O.O
  8. Thanks for the complement