[IDEA] New residence flag.

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Add a "Dirt" flag?

Yes 29 vote(s) 82.9%
No 6 vote(s) 17.1%
  1. This wont be long, as it doesnt really need to be. So many people want to get dirt cleared from their residence, right? So why dont we add a "Dirt" flag? Basically, it would only allow the player to DESTROY dirt. They cant place anything, they cant destroy anything else. It would be like the build flag, but much more griefer safe. Like it?
    Reason why i am suggesting this? It seems like it wouldnt be too hard to create, and currently i am clearing out a 60x60x7 area under my res. I would love to pay a group of people to do it for me, but i dont want to have to supervise them to make sure they dont grief my res.

    EDIT: The command could be "/res pset _____ dirt true"
    EDIT2: Can be used for spleef (Thanks foodenator)
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  2. And it could be used for spleef.
  3. Also, they should add a /snow and /rain flags so we can configurate the weather in our res's.
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  4. Yeah, i didnt think of that.
  5. A flag just for dirt?!?! I see the plus but its a little far-fetched, next thing you know there will be a flag for every item. I say if your having griefer problems just type /res info and you can see all possible suspects.
  6. If you pick no, please post why:)
    And i will be editing new ideas that people come up with into the main post, with credit to the original idea poster:)
  7. answer "NOPE"
  8. I dont think there will be a flag for every item, and i think its a good idea for dirt since dirt is the most popular thing to destroy on the res! Many people want help clearing out dirt, and i hardly ever (once or twice) see someone asking to have someone help them destroy something else:)
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  9. I like it :D I have been planning to make a spleef arena for a long time now, but then i'll have to supervise the match with the build flag on, so some griefer could just destroy all of my hard work while i'm not looking.
    Justin & the new modding team could also make it so you can set it on certain blocks on your res. Say if you just wanted the spleef arena dirt-mineable, or just wanted one area in your res mined out.
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  10. Last bump! Hopefully a mod will see this:)
  11. I think the most important thing they need to add is sheer true, breed true and minecart true (so people can't steel minecarts). That would be nice...
  12. I Agree! this is a good idea :)
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  13. They could. Just enable the blacklisting feature built into the plugin that they deactivated for some reason. I'm pretty sure you can use that to do this for any/multiple blocks.
  14. OOOR ! for people who have NO IDEA what your talking about xP could just put in a simple command :p easy peasy !! lol
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  15. It's something along the lines of /res bset dirt t :p
    There's probably an extra bit but it's not exactly the hardest thing ever to remember :p
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  16. When you suggested this I instantly thought of a command, where you can change the type of biome in your res, I know this is used in a plugin called "PlotMe", so I guess it wouldn't be too hard to implement as I guess the source-code is free, I think that would be cool so you could have a swamp, desert or a jungle, or any other biome, not nether biomes though, so you couldn't grow nether warts in a overworld.
  17. If you want to bump then post something random and then delete the post and hope someone doesnt see the random post. :p
  18. Random bump post
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