[Suggestion] Auction Board Timer

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by killerbyte12, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. So it would be cool if the auction boards had a option to add a timer to a thread you create with a easy reset button. So everytime there is a new bid, and the rules are that the auction ends 24 hours after last bid for example, you would simply start the timer again to 24 hours. This would be a much easier way to see how much time there is left before it ends.
    Of course something like this wouldnt be high priority, but maybe it could be added later down the track :)
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  2. Agreed.

    I'd also like it if, on auctions, people could *only* post a bid. Just an input-box for the amount, and that's all. No discussion; no "bumping", no hassles.
  3. Make it like Ebay would be awesome.

    Having an "max auto bid"
    So say you want to spend 20k on an item, it auto puts your bid in, until it reaches your max bid.

    And maybe an auto pay feature the buyer can check a box if he wins, the system automatically pays the seller.