[Suggestion] End Chest Locking

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by albinopolarbear1, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. When 1.3 comes out we all know that it is going to have end chests. I think the cost to lock these should be 2k intead of one beacuse it locks 2 chests not one. When you place the second chest you place a sign that says locked your name but it wont charge you beacuse u paid 2,000 to lock the first one.
  2. Um, the ender chest will be per player so no chests inflict with each other or something
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  3. oh yea I forgot 1.3 comes out tomorrow :D yea I agree with dangerouspopcorn they will be er person
  4. I think to keep it how it is, make it cost something to place end chests in the nether/wild. And making it cost 2k, would mean you would have to pay 4k.... Seeing as you have to place the other one as well.
  5. what if you just fill upp a normal chest with enderchests then you got so much more space for storing stuff, so i agree on making it cost money but not as much as 2k...