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  1. So I was thinking, a lot of people want to dig out their res, but when they keep digging and digging and digging, they get bored of it. So I was thinking a command to get rid of all the dirt I'm your residences. Like
    /res set remove dirt
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  2. would be great!
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  3. This has been suggested before, and all times it's been rejected because of how it would lag the server and stray away from any shred of vanilla feel the town has left.

    If you want to dig out your res, work with some friends or hired aid and dig it out with shovels. With a little help, you can dig out a res in no time at all.
  4. Firstly, this should be in the suggestion box. Secondly I'm pretty sure it's been suggested and denied.

    However good of an idea if seems to be, Minecraft is a game. Games aren't supposed to be easy. By taking the easy route you lose some of that sense of achievement when you finally complete it. I'm digging out 2 reses right now and I'm against the idea.

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  5. i argree totaly with jackbiggn it is a game not somthing that u complete in 2 minutes