[suggestion] A Graph that show the average price of items.

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  1. The idea is a website tool wich show an average price of all items. So you can just search for diamonds, and it will take all the prices of diamond on a server/all servers combined, and it will give you the price. This would be a nice tool if you want to know a price of items so you dont pay too much, or if you want to set up a shop.

    Maybe its even possible to combine all the data it collects in a nice graph, so you can see if prices changed over time.

    - you cant pay too much for an item, just check the site.
    - if you want to make a shop, you know what prices to give your items.

    - people could fill their residence with super expensive shops, to make the prices higher, so their shop would look cheap.

    I hope someone reads this, and i hope you think this is a good idea.
  2. Maybe one number would be to centered on one price, but a slight marge on both sides.
    For example: the prices are 45 on average. Some people sell it for 40, some sell it for 50. The price-range would then be 43~47.

    It would absolutely be a great addition to the economy that we already have, awesome idea piet!
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  3. Awesome idea!!!

    EDIT: forgot to change the color to green!
  4. I approve... I don't know how many times I've been told that I overprice my items... or people say that I underprice them..... I like this idea
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  5. Awesome idea! I'm from another game where there were price guides that helped people make their prices fair.
  6. A way of countering this con is by only taking into account valid transactions of purchases that have been done. Meaning that the banners prices will not affect the graph but rather what price an item has been sold for.
    What would count as a valid transaction would be when the transaction appears on both players rupees history.
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  7. I am against this idea as, though it fights against the "trusts of EMC" it destroys the purpose of Big Shops. I go to big shops for their reliability even though I may spend an extra rupee or two for an item. I have been and continue to be against the over regulation of this game and I think that implementing this idea would ruin one of the great aspects of this server and its economy.
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  8. Please don't bump threads from anymore than 1 month ago, unless it's really needed.
    This thread is from more than an year ago, consider it dead.
  9. If it is a suggestion that seems to be passed over and maybe not noticed it is actually a good idea to bump threads. I may be against this idea, but maybe it will be implemented and help the server in a long run.
  10. Apparently this used to be an Ingame feature,but the hosting wasn't paid or something
  11. I think it would be better to do the average of what people BUY the items for which stops the super expensive/cheap shop exploit.
  12. Im pretty sure Aikar was working on this with the "shop update"
    No idea where were at on that.
  13. No, it never was...
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  14. There was some shop update thread by Aikar...
  15. Which is still yet to be added. :)
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  16. Yay I was right :p
  17. I thought Jack was working on something like this for a new Market Place discussion, saw a very rough drawing of it :confused: :p xD